Questions Before Buy Rugged Tablet

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Is Portability a Priority? Rugged Android Tablet with 8-inch or smaller displays mostly weigh well under a pound.


Is Portability a Priority? Rugged Android Tablet with 8-inch or smaller displays mostly weigh well under a pound. Many are very thin. Some tablets in this size range have a battery life of 15 hours or more.

What’s Your Budget?

You can get a great 7- to 8-inch tablet starting at under $200. Tablets with larger display sizes cost more, of course. But very good 10-inch tablets are out there for about $350.

Are You Looking for Maximum Versatility?

If you want to read comfortably, watch movies, type out documents with a separate keyboard, and use standard productivity apps, you might want to consider a larger tablet with at least 12 hours of battery life. Refreshed in early 2018, the 9.7-inch iPad, which starts at $329, offers a good mix of features and performance, but some other tablets have things the iPads don’t, such as memory card slots. Most iPad models now support a stylus called the Apple Pencil, which is useful for creating digital art and taking “handwritten” notes.

Are You a Bookworm?

If you want a tablet mainly for consuming content such as e-books or streaming video—with some e-mailing, web surfing, and a bit of app-downloading on the side—you can save some money with a tablet from Amazon. They start around $50. A larger screen is better for magazine reading, and a smaller one is more portable but still big enough for reading books.

Do You Want a Tablet That’s Also a Laptop?

Microsoft’s Surface line of devices can be thought of as both a tablet and a laptop: Microsoft heavily promotes the use of a keyboard that doubles as a protective cover, but it’s sold separately. Without the keyboard cover it can function as a tablet; with the keyboard cover it functions like a Windows laptop. Google has devices of its own that can function like a tablet and a laptop, including the PixelBook and the new Pixel Slate.

Is There a Gamer in the Family?

Most tablets are good enough for casual games, such as Angry Birds, 2048, or Hearthstone. But if you want to play a more demanding game, such as Monster Hunter or Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, you’ll need a tablet that can handle it. That not only means a tablet with a powerful enough processor but one with enough storage space to fit the game in the first place. More information about rugged tablet click below link: