The above read is simply to refine your entertainment time by following the steps to setup Amazon Prime on TV for high resolution streaming at your homes.


With our world moving towards technology advancements by the second, we entered a new and modified era of entertainment. Amazon is one of the first organizations that provided the world with over-the-top streaming services. These were initially to be used on computers and laptops; however it eventually made a home with mobile phones and Smart TVs. You can simply setup Amazon Prime on TV and enjoy a variety of shows, movies, documentaries and so much more.

Amazon Prime offers diversity with the genres of content available. The best part of it all, unlike a few years ago, you don’t miss anything. You can pause, play, skip and stop at your convenience. It offers TV and video content in a complete of 26 languages, which you can change at any time. It has a 30 Days free trial-period, monthly and annual subscription plans. Let’s move on and discuss Amazon Prime with the process of setting it up on your TV.


You are eligible for watching several thousand TV shows, movies, documentaries, original video content and more. You can watch your favorites or explore the variety. Besides, you can also get access to third-party networks offering premium content via the Prime Video Channel Subscription. But, all of this requires you to setup Amazon Prime on TV or any compatible device.


Although tons of devices are compatible with streaming Amazon prime, let’s focus on how you can setup Amazon Prime on TV. Here the steps you need to follow:

  1. Turn your smart TV on.
  2. Download the Amazon Prime Video app (or open it if it is pre-installed).
  3. Select “Sign in and Start Watching” to get your registration done.
  4. Enter the credentials on the device or tap on “Register on Amazon Website”.
  5. Enter the 5-6 digit code when you’ve signed in to your account.
  6. Sit back, relax and entertain yourself with a world of multi-genre video content.

NOTE: When you register on Amazon’s website, you can simply type in,, or to make the process quicker.


Amazon prime is compatible with various devices like the Amazon Fire TV, other Blu-Ray and Smart TVs, laptops, and mobile phones. It offers a diverse variety when it comes to genres and offers content in several languages. With Prime Membership you can also access third-party network’s content. You can stream content wherever and whenever you want, with a simple act of following the steps to setup Amazon Prime on TV.