Do's and don'ts while cleaning your engagement rings.

Among all the jewelry pieces, it is the engagement rings only that matter the most.


Usually, people keep their engagement rings in excellent condition only, but sometimes, your engagement ring can get dirty despite so much care. The engagement ring is something that people wear daily as it signifies their unique bond with each other. Be it an engagement ring or any other jewelry piece, make sure to keep it away from makeup or any such products. Besides this, there are other things also which you should keep in mind for restoring your engagement ring like a new one. Here are some of the do's and don'ts while cleaning your engagement rings. 


Do's while cleaning your engagement rings. 


Many people often ask- How to clean a diamond ring? Here's the answer. 


Clean regularly- The very first thing which you need to do here is to clean your ring periodically and to teach it in your daily routine. Wearing an engagement ring daily can pile up dirt and oil on it. Think about doing justice to your engagement ring, as only then will you be able to clean it and restore it to the beautiful ring it was. Make a solution of soap and water and dip your ring in it for a while. 


Knowing the right time- Second thing is knowing when to take your ring off and wear it. People take some time to get used to the ring, and consequently, everyone tries the best to protect it, especially when it's new. But what happens is the exact opposite. Instead of looking after it, people tend to remove it while bathing and forget about it altogether. Also, it depends on the stones in your ring, when you should wear the ring and when you should remove it. 


Check the prongs and setting- Always keep a close watch on your ring, be it prongs and setting. Make sure your ring must be in the best condition. If you witness some issue here, then you need to seek professional services for the same. 


Don'ts while cleaning engagement rings 


Refrain from harsh chemicals- While cleaning the engagement rings, make sure you don't use harsh chemicals on your ring. It is so because these chemicals tarnish the metals shine, and many deplete them. Apart from this, you can buy the jewelry cleaners available in the market to clean your diamond ring. Or on the other side, the much better thing would be to seek professional help. 


Be careful with setting- Almost all the engagement rings consist of some stones and delicate craftsmanship. Consequently, make sure to clean your ring so that the rocks shouldn't get loose or come out. 




These are some of the ways you can clean your diamond engagement ring. Think about the money you have invested in it and consequently take proper care of it.