Everyone should have learned the basics

Everyone should have learned the basics


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Everyone should have learned the basics, should know how to rotate, and an actual and controlled game can be played. The players have the skills necessary to build a foundation for themselves, but they lack confidence and consistency. They lack gamesense. Although capable of doing what's expected of them, these skills are still too new so the games are very slow and consist of a lot of hesitation. These new skills also introduce the importance of boost. Aerials are impossible without boost and many basic tricks are as well. Players have yet to learn boost management. It is key for everyone to work on understanding the movement of their car with or without boost and how the jumps work. A great way to improve on skills, boost, and movement is through training packs as well as replays from more advanced players. Yes, everybody should begin training from day one, but gold is the point when training packs are absolutely necessary in-order to strengthen the newly learned skills. The replays are important because more advanced players better understand how to use their boost and can set a great example. Everyone should think a lot about what they need to do in-order to build up their gamesense. 

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