Ironic shiny encounter for pokemon sword and shield player

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Since the Pokemon gold and silver medals launched in Game Boy Color in 1999, various forms of merchandise from video games, TCG to anime have attracted the interest of fans. In nearly all Pokemon games, including many accompanying games, there exists a way to get these monsters of numerous colors, and fans have spared no effort for many years to devise the most effective way to meet rare Pokemon.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, a lot of people try to breed Pokemon in a very specific way to increase their Shiny chances, complete Pokedex to have Shiny Charm items with additional odds, or put in place Max Raid Adventures to get Shiny Legendary Pokemon to improve its prospects for shining. Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon on the store is the easiest way. But it appears that sometimes luck finds the participant on its own, like one sword and shield player who had rather an ironic encounter with Shiny Pokemon.

On Reddit, user GreyRose posted his clip, studying the Loop Lagoon part of ​​Armor. Although many players spend hours in search of the rare Shiny Pokemon, it looks like this Shiny Pokemon is seeking GreyRose, because when you try to escape the wild Zoroark, it seems to chase them and finds itself very shiny.

To reassure other fans, user GreyRose did confirm that they were able to capture Shiny Zoroark. Fans are particularly lucky while searching for Buy Shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield, including an individual who encountered a 1 in 102,400 Shiny Oranguru with perfect stats in the Crown Tundra's Dynamax Adventures mode.

Although no new mainline Pokemon games are going to be released in 2020, the increase of Armor and Crown Tundra DLC adds earlier Pokemon from past generations, new elements of exploration, and some brand-new monsters. Although fans currently like Sword and Shield, they desire to remake the fourth-generation Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl later this year.