The 10 Best Period Comfort Food For Women

Periods can be very frustrating for women when they lack essential nutrients. Here, are the best period comfort foods to eat during your periods.


Women’s nutrition needs change during periods due to the changes which take place in their body during menstruation. Hence, they require an intake of the right nutrients to recover from the loss, to maintain a healthy mind and body. Therefore, eating the best period comfort food and having a balanced diet becomes the utmost necessary to fulfill the nutrition requirements during periods.

Periods can be very disturbing for women as they negatively affect women’s health both physically and psychologically. During periods, women face many problems every month, like severe pain, cramps, mood swings, and the craving for foods that can be harmful to health in the long term. These conditions can aggravate due to bad eating habits and lifestyle changes.

Intaking comfort food during periods is important, but it doesn’t mean you’ll eat junk just for the sake of it. You need to make sure what you are eating as eating the wrong foods during periods can elevate swelling, cramps, pain, mood swings, and much more, rather than improving your health. Learn all the top period comfort foods.

However, we have summarised all the top best period comfort food that will help women to reduce food cravings along with the reduction in cramps and pain, without harming the overall health