How to fix my PayPal account limited issue?

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Are you also facing a limitation on your PayPal login account? Well! This issue may occur due to several factors. You need to find out the actual reason behind the issue

Many users among us are complaining that their PayPal login account is under limitation. There could be several possibilities behind my PayPal account limited issue. To fix this issue you will need to figure out the actual reason behind this issue. Today, in this post we are going to guide you on how to fix my PayPal account limited issue.

Ways to fix limitation issue on PayPal account

Here we have stated several factors behind the limitation issue on the PayPal account. Go through all of them one by one and try to figure out the issue behind the limitation issue. After that apply the mentioned solution to fix the issue.

1: Unauthorized Use

PayPal is strict to stop all type of fraudulent activities. So, when you or any other user make several failed logins attempts then it blocks access to the account by pushing it under limitation. After pushing your account under limitation, you will not be able to access your PayPal account. In such a case you may have to wait for a few days or hours to get back access to your PayPal.

2: High-risk activity

PayPal also restricts a user’s PayPal login account in case he tries to perform such actions like:

  • If you are getting a higher number of claims and chargebacks than usual
  • By violating the guidelines, you have started selling a completely new type of product, such as much higher value items
  • Or the sales volume has been rapidly increased, which is out of nature with your usual business

Note: If your account has been limited then you may have to wait for a short time. Or you can also speak to the customer support service of PayPal.          


In short, if you are facing limitations on your PayPal login account then do not worry much about it. This issue may occur due to various factors. In this post, we have tried to state the probable reasons that can push limitations on your account.