The Easy Rattan Furniture Guide: How to Choose the Right Leisure Chair

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Great outdoor furniture not only brings comfort, purpose and functionality to your outdoor spaces but is also the perfect chance to inject some chic personal style into the

Great outdoor furniture not only brings comfort, purpose and functionality to your outdoor spaces but is also the perfect chance to inject some chic personal style into the alfresco areas of your home. Your outdoor spaces should offer the perfect balance between relaxation and entertainment. We’ve created this outdoor Leisure Chair buying guide to help you choose the right pieces for you.

Consider Maintenance Requirements

You should give consideration to the amount of work that may be required to keep your rattan garden furniture in good shape. Whether you buy premium or budget pieces, you still need to carry out some level of maintenance as it plays an important role in maximising the value of your purchase.

Good quality natural rattan is very low maintenance, so whether investing in a garden sofa or rattan dining set you won’t have to work too hard to keep it in good condition. It’s a good idea to avoid synthetic rattan as the quality can often be lower and not as reliable, which will increase the amount of maintenance and care you have to provide.

A smart year-round choice is to use waterproof cushions for outdoor furniture to protect against rainfall, especially for rattan patio furniture that is more exposed to the outside elements. Some fabrics such as PVC mesh, polyester or solution dyed acrylic/olefin always stand up well to testing weather conditions throughout the year.

Quality Is Key

Buying any furniture should be thought of as an investment and this could not be truer than with outdoor furniture where spending on quality rather than quantity is always ideal. When it comes to outdoor furniture the age-old adage of “You really do get what you pay for” speaks volumes so it really is worth investing in good quality pieces first up to avoid future disappointment.


You will most likely have to set your wicker furniture up on your own. Is it too heavy for you to carry and arrange on your own? Wicker furniture is naturally light weight. However, if it is combined with hardwood or metal, then it could weigh a fair bit. Never fall for deceptive looks. Besides, additional accessories like glass tops can often add to the weight.

Space and Size

Treat your patio as another room in your home and select the accurate size and spacious furniture that suits the design of your home. Your outdoor furniture needs to be correctly scaled to the area in which it would be used like the balcony or a large and full deck. Make sure to measure the space you have for furniture before buying any furniture. Also, you need to consider leaving enough space around your furniture to be able to walk comfortably.

Consider choosing a set of bar tables than traditional dining if your courtyard does not have much space as bar tables are narrower than the usual one. Also, bar stools take up less space than chairs. You can also look for other options likes the cafe or bistro tables and chairs as they are smaller in design.

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