Sunwell Cyclone Dust Collector: Top 5 Benefits if You Use It

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Once you begin to think about a dust-collection system as it relates to your plant, you are likely to realize multiple benefits it could bring, including:


Cyclone dust collectors are a special kind of equipment that are designed to use in industrial applications for separating large dust particles from useful particles. These are mechanical separators, which use centrifugal force and inertia effect for separation of particles. The cyclone dust collectors act as an air pollution control equipment and help remove the large dust particles from the exhausts of industrial processes. The efficiency of these mechanical dust collectors goes on increasing with the size of the particles. This means that for higher particle size, they have a high efficiency. This makes them suitable for use especially in the multistage filtration applications as primary dust collectors.

Once you begin to think about a dust-collection system as it relates to your plant, you are likely to realize multiple benefits it could bring, including:

Increased Removal Efficiencies

Cyclones will increase your total dust collection efficiency when added before an existing baghouse. Cyclones remove the larger, coarser dust before the particulate reaches the baghouse. This helps to lighten the load on filters, which results in less dust in the airstream and overall higher removal efficiency for the whole system. Most cyclone dust collectors will remove 99% of dust 20 micron and larger at a specific gravity of 1 and 33% at 5 micron. If you have 100 lb/hr of dust above 20 micron and 100 lb/hr of dust between 5 and 20 micron, a baghouse will provide 99% efficiency with 2 lb/hr discharge to atmosphere. When a cyclone is used in tandem with the baghouse, the discharge to atmosphere is 0.68 lb/hr. Additionally, cyclones increase removal efficiencies when dealing with hydroscopic or sticky applications. A cyclone will remove most of the hydroscopic particulate before it reaches the baghouse. This helps to prevent the baghouse from getting jammed up with the particulate.

Easier Clean Up

Cyclone dust collectors can go a long way toward keeping your shop clean, for a few reasons. One of the reasons why this is the case is because they remove larger debris from your shop. When using a single-stage dust collector, you would have to remove these larger particles manually.

You’d spend hours sweeping and cleaning the floor of your woodworking shop. A two-stage dust collector reduces that cleanup process significantly.

Another reason why cyclone dust collectors are easier to clean up is because of the collection bag. If you use a single-stage dust collector, the collection bag produces a massive cloud of dust as soon as you remove it from the machine.

However, this is not the case when you are using a cyclone dust collector. Because the primary collection point only contains chips and debris, you will not create a mess when emptying the container.


Cyclone dust collectors are also advantageous because they won’t take up much space in your shop. If you’re working in a small shop, you should be able to find a dual-stage dust collector that can clean your air without taking up much room.


Another stand-out feature of dual-stage dust collectors is the fact that they are so affordable. Smaller dust collectors, such as the ones you’d use in a personal woodworking shop, cost around $200. Larger collectors, such as the ones you’d find in a larger factor, can cost around $1,300. You should have no problem finding a dust collector that meets your needs while also remaining in your price range.

Also, remember that two-stage collectors are somewhat of an upfront investment. The machines don’t require much by means of maintenance or replacement parts. So, once you purchase the unit itself, your costs should drop off considerably.

Easy Maintenance

Baghouses and cartridge collectors are extremely high maintenance. They require confined space entry to remove and replace the bags. Furthermore, bag replacement can be a time-consuming process. Many plant operators hire outside contractors to change the bags. Due to the cost of replacing the bags and the downtime required while the bags are being switched out, the final result can be extremely costly for the company. Cyclones, however, require little maintenance. At most, plant engineers have to observe the pressure drop every so often, and inspect the walls of the cyclone to insure that is has not worn down from the application. By placing a cyclone in front of the baghouse or cartridge collector, the bag life can be increased by as much as one or two years, depending on the application.

When it comes to keeping air clean, SUNWELL cyclone dust collectors are, in our opinion, the better option of the two. These devices collect heavy wood chips without having to pass them through a filter, which reduces cleanup and increases the longevity of the product. More information click