Matrimonial mobile app development- Features, cost, and process

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Finding a partner for marriage has been made simple with the help of technology. Nowadays, everything is embracing the medium of technology, so are marriages.

When two people love each other, they need to remain together for the rest of their lives and this eternal union sometimes reflects in marriage. Finding a partner for marriage has been made simple with the help of technology. Nowadays, everything is embracing the medium of technology, so are marriages.

The days when the friends and families of an eligible bachelor or spinster used to assume up the liability to get him/her a suitable match are finished. Along these lines, in this universe of technology where everything is accessible on the web, matrimonial mobile app development has become a trend in the online matrimonial platform. These matrimony sites have all the little details which assist people with finding their perfect partner.

The days when the loved ones of a qualified single man or old maid used to assume up the liability to get him/her an appropriate match are finished. Along these lines, in this universe of innovation where everything is accessible on the web, the marital mobile application advancement has become a pattern in the online wedding platform. These marriage destinations have every one of the little subtleties which assist individuals with finding their perfect partner.

Earlier people use to hire agents to find an ideal life partner. Presently with the rise of matrimonial sites and applications, people currently don’t have to spend money on this stuff. Matrimonial applications and sites contain all the designs of the registered users. In this way, People can easily find a partner for them according to their desire.

The Emergence of Matrimonial Mobile Applications

It was in May 2015 that Frost and Sullivan, a statistical surveying and analysis firm, detailed that three of the top online matchmakers in the country of India represented in excess of 5,000,000 relationships somewhat recently. In fact, the matrimonial mobile application business is developing at such a rapid pace that it is assessed to be a 0.26 billion business by 2022. 

These insights are sure to accumulate the consideration of the ones who look forward to this business and hire matrimonial mobile app development companies to utilize the capability of the Internet. As of now, the matrimony business is grabbing the attention of investors and we can just say that the future will be exceptionally productive for this industry with the development of mobile applications.

In fact, these numbers will continue developing every year thus wills the requirement for matrimonial website development services. Presently, if you are looking to create a mobile application, this blog will take you through different phases of matrimonial mobile app development.

These details clearly reflect the popularity of matrimonial websites and are surely support to take your business forward. What to appreciate the trends with the best matrimony mobile application design?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What are the benefits of getting a matrimonial mobile app developed for your matchmaking business?

There are various significant benefits of matrimonial mobile app development, like:

  • With the help of these applications, user can choose their life partner on any of the criteria such as religion, caste, community, and other preferences.
  • Having an application will attract more audiences as here they will be able to search so many profiles all at once.
  • Complete privacy security of the profiles can be ascertained with a feature-rich matrimonial mobile application.
  • Apps offer a great source of advertising and marketing.

These are some reasons behind this why the industry is in full bloom?  Hiring a mobile app developer would be a smart move to take your business to new heights and let your audience find their match simply by registering into the matrimony application and filling a detailed form to create a profile. Accordingly, the app will begin its functioning, display matching profiles to the application users.

Advanced Features Associated with Matrimony Mobile Applet we have a detailed look into the advanced features of the Matrimony Mobile App.

Geo-location Tracking

With this feature, the app users can find their desired matches near a location through city search. Geo-location tracking is very beneficial this is the way; the users can initiate the search within their city as well as outside, as per their interests and liking.

Search Filter

This feature helps out users in finding out users as per their likings such as interests, location, community, occupation, and many others.

User Privacy User-Blocking

Providing privacy and security to the users is an area of the best concern and great assistance is provided to the users. Apart from this users can block any other user's profile that has been causing problems for them.

Add Images from the Library

The option of uploading the user’s favorite images from the phone’s library is being provided to the user through this option. They can share these photos with interested users as well.

Pin Favourites

While going through different profiles in the applications, the user can pin a particular profile to go through it later in a detailed way.

Social Integration

With this feature, the user can have a look at the social profiles of the interested user to get to know about their likes and dislikes and know them in a detailed manner.

Security of Data

Data associated with different profiles need to be kept safe at all costs as sensitive details are contained in them and this can be done easily by looking after some specific security features.

User Authentication

The authenticity of the user can be confirmed easily by integrating the OTP feature in your application through various modes such as email, SMS, call, etc.

Flexibility in Payment Modes

This feature gives the application to another level by integrating into multiple modes of payments such as Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, UPI, and various others. Flexibility in modes of payment proves important as users in different countries have preferred modes of making their payments.

CMS Integration

The entire digital content on the matrimony platform can be viewed by the user with the help of the Content Management System.

In-App Chat

Chat integration is the most important feature for the matrimonial app as it will allow users to chat with other users to create a level of understanding with them.

In-App Camera

Users will be able to share images with other profiles by clicking directly from the app camera. Plus, they can also upload particular pictures from their gallery.

Pin Favourite

With this feature, users can save their favourite profiles so that they can conveniently access them for future procedures.

Image Editor

If you want to edit any of the images that you have uploaded then you will be able to assist by the image editor feature that has been integrated into the matrimony applications.

Upload Horoscope

With the help of this feature, a user can match his/her Kundli with a profile that he/she finds interesting. Some of the users believe in the ritual of matching respective Kundlis before the marriage so this feature will be helpful for them.

Push Notifications

Alerts in the form of notifications are provided to the users if any update regarding the app comes out.

Bio Data Generator

One can integrate a third-party API in the app to help the users in creating the Bio Data online within the app. The user needs to provide all the necessary data to the app and the data will be transformed into well-structured data.


This feature will allow your audience to find out all about your app.

What does it cost to develop a matrimony mobile application?

To calculate the total cost that goes into developing a matrimony mobile application, a lot of factors need to be considered.

Functionalities Features of a Matrimonial Service

Functionalities and features that you are looking to integrate into the application decide the price of the app. If you want to include only some normal features in the app then you won’t be charged much but in case, you opt for advanced features then it will be a little bit costly for you.

Design of the App

Since you have decided to develop a matrimonial mobile application, you would be looking to deliver your app to a large audience, and to achieve this you would need to create an application that will appear classy and attractive. Therefore, the design of the app comes under the spotlight and needs to appeal to lure in users.

Development Platform for Matrimonial App

Basically, there are three platforms for creating an application, Android, ios, and Windows. Now, it is up to you whether you want your app to be compatible with a single platform or multiple platforms.

Technology Stack

One important factor that determines the cost of development of a matrimony mobile app is the technology stack we would put to use. The factors here are:

  • Mobile - Android, iOS
  • Push Notifications - Twilio,
  • Phone Verification and SMS, Voice - Nexmo, Twilio
  • Backend - PHP, Javascript, MySQL
  • Payments - Braintree PayPal, Stripe, NetBanking, Cards
  • Database -Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, MongoDB, MailChimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment - Google, AWS, Azure
  • Real-time Analytics - Spark, Hadoop, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

These are the few things that give you clarity how much matrimonial app development cost.


Size of the App

This feature symbolizes the total number of features and functionalities to develop a matrimonial app.

App Developers for Matrimonial App

Geographic location, experience level, and expertise of app developers also play a big role in determining the cost of the app. physical location of the app development company and the app developers is the main key factor that affects the cost of the app very much.

  • US/UK-based app development companies charge $70-$250 per hour for services.
  • Eastern Europe-based app development companies charge $50-$150 per hour for services.
  • India-based app development companies charge $20-$70 per hour for services.

 Wrapping Up

Currently, more and more businesses are going online and since marriage has always a matter of top priority, one should look to invest in developing a matrimony mobile app at this time.

If you are planning to develop your own matrimonial application then you should select one of the top mobile application development companies which have the ability to design and develop a great interface for the users. 

We at Naxtre, our developers will develop a perfect matrimony app with advanced features and functionalities. Our team always use the latest technology to develop mobile applications.