How to withdraw or send money from PayPal?

If you have got enough money in your PayPal account and you want to withdraw it for any reason, then you should know the correct withdrawal method.


Those users who do not know how to withdraw money from a PayPal account may find this article to be a convenient one as it contains all the necessary aspects related to withdrawing your PayPal money. However, before beginning the procedure, one should ensure that he remembers his PayPal login details as these will be required during the withdrawal procedure. 

Those who are interested in knowing the method to withdraw money should acknowledge there are two ways through which you can do it. The first method includes the transfer of money to your linked bank account and the other method is to make an ATM withdrawal. With that known, let us now proceed with steps to withdraw money from PayPal.

Steps to withdraw money from PayPal

Let us have a glimpse at the money withdrawal process:

  1. Open the PayPal app or go to Paypal Login 
  2. If not logged in, then you should log into your PayPal account
  3. For this, you need to enter your PayPal login details
  4. Once you log in, navigate to the wallet option and tap on it
  5. After that, you should click on the “Withdraw” option
  6. Now, select the account you wish to send money to
  7. Enter the withdrawal amount and click “Continue”
  8. Confirm your transfer after reviewing all the details

That’s all about withdrawing money from PayPal. 


If you are using the PayPal application, then you simply need to go to the “PayPal Balance” section and then choose the “Withdraw” option. If you want to take out money from your PayPal account, you can easily transfer the desired money to your bank account that you have linked with PayPal and later on opt for the ATM withdrawal. Before you begin, please try to get to know about the PayPal money withdrawal fee structure. Make sure that you remember your PayPal login details before carrying out this procedure.