Madden 22: Changes to Franchise Mode NFL Fans need to see

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Madden 22: Changes to Franchise Mode NFL Fans need to see

EA Sports is making changes to franchise mode in Madden 21 via post-launch updates as well as in development for Madden 22. While most of these changes won’t make it into Madden 21 at launch, they will be updated into the game via title updates.

Madden 22 release date: August 2021

Due to PS5 and Xbox Series X emerging in the build-up to Christmas, the next-gen releases of Madden 21 fell out of sync with their PS4 and Xbox One counterparts. That will surely change this year. Traditionally a new Madden emerges in the first week of August, just ahead of the real NFL season getting underway. That street date was delayed until 28 August last year, likely due to the complications of developing during a pandemic, but we expect the Madden 22 release date to return to its conventions. That would mean the game going on sale on Friday 6 August, with early access granted to those who pre-ordered on or around Tuesday 3 August.

Implement A Stronger System For Coaching

It's strange how offensive and defensive coordinators have not been a focus of the series in quite some time. Wouldn't it be great to have a team of three incredible coaches working on the same sideline? Besides that, Franchise Mode has a tendency to hire coaches that are not in any way involved in the league. It would be nicer to see random individuals get jobs as coordinators then, if they do well, raising them up to the head coaching level. At least it would make a little more sense than a randomly-generated person taking over a franchise with no experience.

Coaching Staff Management

Now this one, in particular, has already been further confirmed when they put a video out about a month ago talking about the last franchise update for Madden 21, and behind the creative director, there was a screen with staff management on it from Madden 22. A lot of people say that EA did this on purpose because they wanted to throw that little Easter Egg in there to let you know that - the stuff they talked about earlier this year, it's really still coming. From the picture on the screen, you can see the full coaching and staff management behind the creative director on the monitor, we don't know how deep this feature goes or if it's going to be real-life coaches versus made up coaches, but we do know this feature is coming to Madden 22 Franchise Mode. It has been said for a while that licensing all of the real-life coaches and trainers would be kind of a difficult task, so a lot of fans did say they prefer to have made-up coaches versus none at all. The big thing here is the coaching and staff management has to actually affect roster-building the progression of players and things like that.

Expanded Business Staff

This may not be for everyone, but I’d love to have more influence over the team’s business side. Adding a Director of Finance could be useful for helping with financial issues. Having a good one can aid in generating more revenue, which can help when building stadiums or unlocking new concessions or merchandise.

Another cool new staff member could be a Director of Player Engagement. This role has become increasingly more important in the league today, so having a good one can be helpful when convincing players to sign and it can increase fan morale.

Rule Changes

This is another idea stolen from NBA2K, but voting on rule changes could do more than add another aspect of realism to franchise mode. Based on the rule, the game itself could be changed, like expanded playoffs or rewritten overtime rules

This is where Madden can get creative by adding their own rule proposals to actual proposals made in recent years. It can also add some flavor and potentially prevent the game mode from getting too bland year after year.

Supplemental Draft

Every July, NFL teams get to bid on eligible players with future draft selections. It’s a fascinating event, and while it rarely yields much value for teams, adding it to FranchisMode makes a ton of sense.

It may not be the highest priority, but it can be yet another way for franchise managers to build their rosters at the potential expense of a future draft pick. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the next Cris Carter or Bernie Kosar—both of whom were supplemental draft picks.

So here are the big features coming to the Madden 22 Franchise Modes, and do hope these new improvements will make the mode and even the new game better. More Madden 22 news and cheap Madden 22 Coins will be updated on time, stay tuned!