How to install Norton Password Manager on a device?

Norton setup has been providing the best security to various devices and security software keeps the system secure from multiple online and offline threats. it is ideal for those who work widely on the internet.


For hurdle-free logins and quickly logging in to your account without having to enter the password each time you access an account, you can always rely on a secure password manager. And when it comes to choosing a good and reliable password manager, many users prefer using Norton Password Manager. This password manager is available at and can be easily installed on a compatible device, mobile as well as PC. It not only allows you to quickly gain access to your accounts but also helps to safeguard your data from intruders.

Hence, if you have decided to install Norton Password Manager on your device, then this guide is going to help you a lot in achieving your goal. This password manager uses a major password to unlock the digital world for you. Since we access most of our online accounts on our mobile devices, therefore it is essential that we use this manager on a mobile device- iPhone or Android.

So, let us have a glimpse at how we can install Norton on a device via

Installing Norton on an Android/iPhone device

  1. First, go to
  2. Purchase Norton Password Manager from there
  3. Then, open the Play Store/App Store on your device
  4. Find and install “Norton Password Manager”
  5. Click “Install” present under it
  6. When the installation finishes, tap to open it
  7. Agree to Norton’s license agreement
  8. When it opens, log in to your Norton account or create a new one
  9. To access your vault, enter the password for the manager
  10. Click on the “Open vault” option and set a new PIN

In case you have enabled two-factor authentication on your mobile device, then you need to unlock your device by entering the PIN of your device or by unlocking it with your Touch ID or fingerprint. Once you are done with unlocking your device, you can add details of accounts on which you want to log in automatically.


In the same way, you can download the Norton Password Manager via on your Windows or Mac device. Make sure that you use the correct login credentials to log in to your Norton account with which you have purchased the password manager for your device. In case you do not remember from which account you have purchased the program, then you should log into all your Norton accounts one by one and go to the “Subscriptions” tab to find out the complete details.