Learn about the different reasons that make users sign up for AOL login accounts and know the steps that requires to complete the sign-up process.


American Online or AOL is the only email service provider that has experienced so many ups and downs since its inception and yet, has come out stronger every time. It also offers several services and distinct features that separate it from other service providers. And there are tons of reasons why people opt for easy AOL login on

Some of these reasons include attaching files of up to 25 MB, unlimited email chains, linking features with other email accounts (like Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail), several protocol variations (like POP, IMAP, SMTP), and an in-built feature for scam protection. This read is focused on guiding you with signing up for AOL so that you can benefit from its features.


The major function of the link address-, is to help you with signing up for AOL. Enlisted are the detailed steps that users shall undergo to create their login accounts with AOL:

  1. Use any web browser to get into
  2. Locate and choose the option “Create an account”.
  3. Provide the first and last name for the user account.
  4. Provide the required data with an email address.
  5. Set an easy-to-remember, hard-to-crack password.
  6. Correctly submit your birth date and gender option.
  7. Ensure the submitted data is valid and hit “Continue”.


  • Now that your AOL login account has been created, you can log in at any time from anywhere.
  • To log in, you just have to go to, submit your user account’s credentials, complete the “I am not a robot” check, and you’ll be in.


AOL has been challenged several times since the day it came into existence, but it never gave up on fixing the problems. It believed in its worth and every time made changes and modifications in its email services to benefit the users. Today it serves a wide share of users in the email market along with several other services including granting access to their users to link their Gmail and/or Yahoo accounts. However, all these features can only be used by individuals who have completed the login procedure via And if you haven’t, well, involved steps are laid out in the read above.