Best Electric Boilers 2021

Best Electric Boilers 2021Best Electric Boilers 2021


Best Electric Boilers 2021

Millions of us have been heating our homes and hot water with gas for longer than we can remember, but with all this talk of gas boilers being phased out to meet climate change targets and for people not connected to the National Grid, an electric boiler could well be worth considering.Get more news about Free Standing Electric Boiler,you can vist our website!

If you are thinking of switching to an electric boiler we thought it would be a good idea to speak to our network of registered boiler engineers through the UK. These installers are at the home heating coalface and have given us their views on electric boilers and what they think is the best electric boiler on the market.
Over 25 million homes in the UK have boilers that ignite gas or oil to heat water, an electric boiler passes the water through an electric element to get it hot. Electric boilers are becoming more popular and can be installed in most small to medium sized homes to produce enough hot water for central heating and baths and showers. Electric combi boilers are definitely worth thinking about for homes without gas and people looking to lower their carbon footprint.

Have you ever wondered how a kettle works? No, me neither, but if you did it would be very similar to how an electric combi boiler works.

In short – the electric boiler is connected to the mains electricity supply and just like a gas combi boiler, is supplied with cold water from the mains. Turning the hot tap on or popping on the heating makes the heating element inside the boiler heat up which will then transfer the heat to the cold water. Your now nice and hot water then gets pumped to your tap or radiators. Rather clever when you think about it.
There are a few different types of electric boiler to choose from. Some of which may be more suited to your home and lifestyle than others. Similar to gas boilers, the electric combi boiler is emerging as the most popular electric boiler.

Electric combi boiler (direct)

An electric combi boiler looks just like a gas combi boiler and is a single unit that provides both hot water and central heating. The electric combi boiler uses its heating element to provide you hot water when you want it. A combi is the cheapest and easiest to install and because it doesn’t need a tank, will save you space around the home. Just be mindful that the lack of water storage means you won’t be able to take advantage of Economy 7 tariffs by heating your water overnight on a cheaper rate.A storage electric boiler is suitable for Economy 7 tariffs which may help you reduce your energy bills. An electric storage boiler is supplied with a hot water tank either within the unit or comes as a separate unit. Storage electric boilers are often more expensive than their direct acting cousins.

A Combined Primary Storage Unit, or CPSU, stores lots of hot water within the boiler so it can meet demand much quicker and at higher pressure. Unless you fancy a bath 12 times a day, it is unlikely a CPSU will be required in your home. They tend to be quite large and as such are more suited to commercial installations.