10 NBA 2K21 Features You Should Know

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10 NBA 2K21 Features You Should Know

Visual Concepts' NBA franchise is NBA 2K21. This year is also the first time the game will appear on Xbox Series X and PS5. What do you know about NBA 2K21 in advance of its release? Let's see what we've got here.

Standard Mamba Forever

Who does not appreciate tables comparing the numerous variants of the same game? There are the Standard Edition on current and next-gen platforms, and the Mamba Forever Edition on current and next-gen platforms. The major difference between the Standard Edition and next-gen versions is the cover athlete, which is Damian Lillard for the Standard Edition while Zion Williamson is featured on the next-gen version.

Standard Edition owners will get 5,000 Virtual Currency, 5,000 NBA 2K21 MT Points, 10 MyTeam Promo Packs (one received each week), 9 MyCareer Skill Boosts, and a Shoe Collection. You can receive a MyTeam Free Agent Card and a special MyPlayer T-shirt based on the generation. With even more confusion, the MyPlayer Dunk Animation Package (which is exclusive to Next-Gen players) will be gifted to Current-Gen players.

That's everything? It's time to talk about the Mamba Forever Edition, which is $99.99. Depending on the version, you'll receive the Standard Edition for either the current or next-gen version (along with the digital collection from Lillard or Williamson). Virtual currency, 100,000 MyTeam points, 60 MyCareer skill boosts, 30 Gatorade boosts, and Kobe Bryant's digital collection have also been included. Let's conclude, and move on.

Cross-generation progression

the xbox-ps5 series

Regardless of the generation you buy, you'll retain all of your progress. Those are MyTeam Points, Tokens, and Cards. Virtual cash is also transferred between systems, so Xbox One and PS4 players on Xbox One X and PS5 can utilize their currency.

Gadgets vs. Devices

Visual Concepts has been focusing on making the next-gen version stand out from the current-gen edition. Visual Concepts in Novato will focus on next-gen games while Los Angeles works on current-gen games. Another source has also mentioned that the next-gen version offers more information in addition to a totally different feel and movement.

A mix of fun and realism

NBA 2K11 (4)

For this year's entry, the developer aimed to strike that mix between pleasure and realism. To be clear, though, “realistic” might not always be “fun.” As a result, passing on cherry pick routes is no longer entertaining, and will be rectified. Despite sharing the same “DNA”, there are variances in gameplay with new and next-gen editions. That's apparently there, so we'll have to wait for additional information.


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MyTeam Unlimited is making a comeback, thanks to the preorder bonuses. It's always been about assembling your own dream squad of NBA cards and challenging them. Bronze (the worst) to Pink Diamond (the greatest) and may be earned in card packs using NBA MT Coins or Virtual Currency. It is possible to use the Auction House to buy and sell cards. For NBA 2K21, the developer has only promised “new ways to compete.” New game modes or rules? more facts are required

Mana Well

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Also returning is Card Evolution. MyTeam Evolution Cards are special cards that can be improved and provide color or skill points as a reward. It should be fun to see how they change in NBA 2K21 with the player-controlled evolution feature. Everything is thrilling and slightly alarming.

wedding rings


NBA 2K21 will have a league title fight in-game. Nothing further this was said, but maybe a championship may get you a real ring? That would be a nice addition, to be sure.

202 new-gen tunes

nba 2k

Currently, the game has 52 tracks. Even though, the next-gen version has even more songs (202 as of launch, and more over time). Here are a some of the artists you'll hear in NBA 2K: The Strokes, Roddy Ricch, and Stormzy.

WNBA “exciting news”

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Again, Visual Concepts has promised "interesting news" for WNBA fans with NBA 2K21. WNBA players and packs have been rumored to be added to MyTeam, although they have not yet been confirmed. Regardless, if you favor the WNBA, you might want to keep an eye on NBA 2K21.