S****s are so powerful that POE breaks the rule that “nerf” does not exist this season

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In the new version of Path of Exile, new Delirium League and POE Currency have been introduced. Many players have reached the final level in the game, and have earned a lot of rewards for their achievements. This requires that the game's technical staff must also take care of stability and make changes. What should I do? A mid-season patch for Path of Exile was released on Thursday, April 2 and focused on major changes to the Purposeful Harbinger skill. This has had a viral impact on the progress of the game, and within a season, technicians hope to avoid this kind of error again. Players bet a lot of time on right builds and gameplay, Path of Exile Currency, POE Chaos Orb and POE Items. Changes in the version mean that players will work hard for the free build of the version.

But as the developers of Grinding Gear Games published a post through the POE forum, there are signs that many are considered halo, this nerf was sorely needed. What role can this skill play? The new League Delirium has introduced a total of 281 passive skills into Path of Exile through cluster jewels in the cluster, which is very difficult. One of these new passive skills is Purposeful Harbinger. Purposeful Harbinger can ensure that the halo effect is increased by 10%, which will be determined by each messenger you use. According to official rhetoric, the skill showed unstoppable momentum from the beginning, but they did not expect that it would produce many unwanted interactions.

What is the actual problem? Skills should only enhance the effect of the skill aura, but everything that is regarded as a harbinger has been strengthened internally, and this seems to be a lot. Therefore, the developers say "Path of Exile has the most powerful mechanism", and the most powerful choice in the game becomes build around Purposeful Harbinge. The changes brought about are adjustments to ensure that one of the aura of skills grows, not every aura.

After listening to many players, the timer ushered in a change, but did not bring updates. The developer apologized for the interference. Why should the intervention proceed now? In fact, the developers do not want to change at all, they just want to prevent the building from changing during the season of Path of Exile. , Because the skill is so strong that they can dismiss the demand effortlessly. A nerf will appear next season. When they finally want to do something, because of the corona virus, they can only be forced to return to their home office. So that's why the update was delayed.

At the end of the article, the developers apologize for the inconvenience caused by this change. Please note that many POE players are wasting a lot of POE Items and POE Currency, and you'd better plan ahead when this happens next time. By the way, Path of Exile is one of the 15 best MMOs and MMORPGs you can currently play. You are welcome to submit a manuscript to reflect our problems, and we will listen to opinions and improve them.