Path of Exile's patch note about Delirium: Beat the Nightmare to get powerful new POE Items

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The complete introduction to Path of Exile patch 3.10 introduces the extension-Delirium, which allows players to dig into the darkest corners of their hearts. This patch also adds corrupt jewels and new skills. At the same time, a new set of tasks is set in the very evil mirror. After completing the tasks, you can get POE Currency. The expansion function is officially launched today, and those players who pursue more powerful challenges can go for a small trial. Enter our mirror to find a more streamlined version provided by Delirium. Path of Exile 3.10 patch instructions are shown below.

In the Delirium Challenge League, rush into Delirium's Mirror and accept a new challenge. As you step deeper into the dungeon, it will become more difficult for you to fight the old and new monsters you encounter. Cluster Jewels, this kind of item that only Delirium will fall from the enemy, will give you a new passive ability when you use it. You may also find Delirium Orbs foggy on the map and Delirium Splinters where Simulacrum can be used.

Seven new gems that will give you new power have been added. The new power consists of a kinetic energy arrow that can launch a wand attack and a blade attack that explodes at your location. In addition, 16 unique items including Perfidy Glorious Plate and Augor Mortis Carnal Mitts have been added. Unique construction opportunities will be provided by these armor, these opportunities are not available before expansion. Brand new game modes will also be created by these new gems. This is unprecedented among dungeon crawlers. The UI of the interface has also been changed, for example, it now looks better on the ground with the effect of burning elements, and the smooth running of the game on the PC is also affected by more monsters and back-end changes.

Grinding Gear Games needs to provide Path of Exile players with the new content they have always wanted. The Delirium challenges will make players who seek other things smash an interesting time, which will also increase their character talent. Novices don’t have to worry too much about this patch, but old players who have already browsed all the content need to worry. Path of Exile continues to grow due to content updates like Delirium. Did the Delirium of Path of Exile excite you? If you are really excited, you can visit POECurrency. There are many good and cheap Path of Exile Currency, POE Chaos Orb, POE Items and POE Exalted Orb, I believe these can help you in the game and further enhance your dominance of the game.