How to write a nanny resume?

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Summary This is your self-presentation. Show your best sides


Good self-presentation will help you get a good job and get a high salary. It doesn't matter if parenting is a vocation or a part-time job. The correct nanny resume will help you stand out from the competition, present yourself as a highly qualified employee. It is advisable to format the document in such a way that the data will fit on one sheet.

Nanny skills that are important for a resume can be found in the example of nanny resume.
The recruiter will pay attention to your qualities such as
first aid;
knowledge of educational methods (indicate names);
organization of a safe space for games, study;
work with children with special needs;
hygienic care;
menu planning;
cooking food.

A good governess is organized, caring, sociable, physically active, and can solve problems quickly.