That kinda the nature of OSRS Gold the playerbase

That kinda the nature of OSRS Gold the playerbase


That kinda the nature of OSRS Gold the playerbase, elderly people who have been playing forever for the most part. Nobody wants to be bombarded with questions and I'm sure the people who sit on this sub refreshing by feel like that. I don't think I've played Runescape together with the wiki closed in ages. While afking some shit if I am not pvming I am certainly reading wiki pages. It sucks while skilling but I do not eliminate sleep on it that I would rather read the wiki than speak to people beyond my clan.

There's two problems actually. New players making fundamental question's about Runescape, subsequently getting downvoted without an answer. The remedy is that the Weekly Megathread which I believe solves the dilemma of gathering everyone with Basic Questions into one location (you know those replies currently ). However, I don't believe in the Subreddit users, I believe only a handful of them will redirect these new users to the Megathreadothers will only answer their questions, while others will still downvote them (that is the problem this informative article concentrated on, as fas as I am aware).

Redirecting OSRS players to the subreddit. The solution will be to produce a rule or bot (similar to the"Ninja Request" one) that shows folks another Subreddit available for them to produce the question. However, users create a good job by redirecting those people there, and there is the Subreddit link on the bannerads, under Partner Subreddits, there. But they downvote them. The Downvotes here, and also the users that are pestering are like the ISR, there is no escaping. You cannot remark anything constructive since they are already biting your foot.

From the OSRS and pathofexile subreddit that I frequent not every single small question has asked in the megathread, a few people today continue to create their own threads requesting themand over the years I have barely ever noticed anybody even mention that, they simply answer it as usual. No demand for every query although not everyone who has a question wants to make their own thread. It's the issue, maybe they just think it does not justify you, not sure where a lot of them stand but I have read about a few reasons. My train of thought is that if a participant sees a megathread that is stickied they feel welcome to ask stuff since there's a place created for them to do so. I see it as the distinction between somebody welcoming you vs welcoming you.

The time I have had playing Runescape

Tried to perform a duo last night and almost got our kill shot every moment. People might wait with a zest until you drain corps stats to zero then run in with two accounts, one with transfer and one. We tried using the private portalsite, but the 200k feels just like a punishment for trying to play Runescape legit and it significantly slowed down our kill time since we had to wait for each other to enter in as not to Buy RS 2007 Gold  lose the case. I understand this has been a problem for a very long time, but when we don't keep reminding the Jmods that it's a problem nothing will ever get done. It just felt seeing people despair for hours on end. A bummer which sigils, are being farmed by toxic individuals that are too lazy to put at work for a kill. This is the most helpless I have ever believed playing OSRS.