Insahrefurniture Tips: How to Choose the Right Materials for Outdoor Fruniture

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Insahrefurniture Tips: How to Choose the Right Materials for Outdoor Fruniture

The best material for Rattan Corner Sofa is sturdy materials like cast aluminum, teak, and synthetic resin wicker, as well as long-lasting fabrics like polyester or vinyl. When you're looking to invest in outdoor furniture for your backyard space, you want something that will stand the test of time. When it comes to standing the test of time, these are the best materials for outdoor furniture

Stainless Steel

This sturdy metal alloy is extremely strong, which makes it a great material option for large weight-bearing outdoor dining tables, sofas and sectionals. Its high density helps prevent dents and other damage from frequent use. While it does get hot to the touch when exposed to the summer heat, stainless steel endures extreme temperatures better than most metals. Its composition makes it virtually immune to rust and corrosion, but a powder coating is recommended for added resistance, especially in coastal areas where salt air and water are present. If you are comparing types of stainless steel, the higher the Chromium content the more resistant the alloy is to atmospheric corrosion

Recycled Plastic

In both style and performance, recycled plastic patio furniture ranks at or near the top. Recycled plastic is extraordinarily strong and extremely durable. It’s resistant to moisture, rotting, and cracking and is impervious to salt water and stains. It also resists fading, because its color is intrinsic to the material. And best of all, most recycled plastic is made to resemble wood but requires none of the care wood does.

Resin Wicker

Also referred to as all-weather wicker, this weather-resistant, long-lasting synthetic fiber weave is wrapped over a given metal frame. The wicker furniture is made using rattan and cane, which are traditional materials. The word wicker is drawn from the style in which the furniture is woven and not necessarily the material that was used to make the furniture. Resin Wicker is made using thin strands of nylon, PVC, polyethylene, and or high-density polyethylene.


Extremely versatile, aluminum can be extruded or cast into any shape or design. Its light weight and durability make it an attractive option for outdoor furniture. Incredibly low maintenance, aluminum patio furniture does not rust like iron or steel when exposed to moist or salty outdoor air, nor does it dry out or crack like most wooden furniture when exposed to the sun. The only place aluminum outdoor Inshare furniture is not ideal are locations prone to high winds.


Teak furniture is king of the patio furniture jungle. One of the hardest woods available, teak resists warping and is naturally impervious to water, rot, and insect damage. Protected by natural oils, this wood does not require staining or painting, making it a low-maintenance option. With a 100-year durability rating, teak wood could be your best option for long-lasting patio furniture. Cleaning teak regularly will minimize discoloration and prevent mildew. An effective and easy solution is 2/3 cup of dish detergent and 1/4 cup of bleach in 1 gallon of warm water. Scrub the wood gently with soft bristle brush, rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry. Tough stains may require a store-bought teak cleaner. Tung oil is generally recommended, but linseed oil will also do the trick. Some oils that are specialized for teak contain useful additives such as UV and mildew blockers. Oil your furniture every two to three months, making sure the wood is clean and dry before application.

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