I wish there were more actions like that for different abilities

I wish there were more actions like that for different abilities


Having started properly playing with school because of lockdown I am astonished at how good RuneScape is. Thus much content. I did not know it was so excellent. Now that I've got 100 combat, quest Cape, all hard diaries (lockdown continues to be productive), I don't see myself stopping when I can start leaving the house again tbh. I wonder just how many people are in precisely the exact same boat. In fact I trying to RuneScape gold get all the shitty grinds out of the way so that when I do have a social life I can spend my sport time doing things I really enjoy, like bossing and slayer. Need to finish 70 RC and elite emptiness up for many 70 stats, and then I'll be happy.

I feel same got membership for first time although I'm not as far along as you and don't plan to stop. We're almost at the same spot in our progression. I've been loving it but now I am thinking about what there's to do next and it seems like everything points to"move grind something indefinitely to create enough bank and buy endgame gear. Get 99s on how". I have slowed down cause it is a little overwhelming. Maybe find a clan. I am beginning with some buddies to boss and really that is my end game. That and slayer since I really like slayer and I love doing hints.

I believe I love slayer too much frankly, feels just like the portion of RuneScape for me personally. Have 4 diaries completed through difficult, but can't find any motivation to work on others, bother with the remaining quests (pretty much all simple ones also aside from the arm questline and frem exiles).

Not certain what ill do once im 99 slayer and stop gaining lvs in my battle stats also.... The progression is a big part of why I like slaying making profits on my cb skills.

Idk what im becoming at honestly, I believe I want the skilling aspects of RuneScape were in attractive and depth, because I feel a enormous part of RuneScape I just can't get into. I wish there were more actions like that for different abilities, more interesting, and sulliusceps are just one example that I completely enjoyed afk skilling actions.As soon as we get Slayer articles, how about a Slayer occasion? GWD3, how about a occasion which rewards you for bossing or doing bounties (if that attribute returns from GWD2), could offer Skilling stuff for Skillers to do to help factions or whatever. Much like Yak Track, Yak Track is overly insistent to keep returning as is, it needs a continual revamp and rebalancing of these jobs, and tying it into the current updates would improve that further. Idk how exactly I feel about more DXP, I like the hype of this community that gets involved (even the toxicity of W2 regions ) and more if this would be nice, but that could also encourage players to cheap OSRS gold only play during DXP making RuneScape sense deader when DXP isn't live.