It has bothered me several times because I switched out of OSRS to RS3

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It has bothered me several times because I switched out of OSRS to RS3

It has bothered me several times because I switched out of OSRS to RS3. I thought the OSRS Reddit community was shitty but if I posted a question (if it be in a thread or it's own thread) folks wouldn't make me feel as if I am doing something unpleasant. I've always seen the downvote button as like a correlation index, and just actually downvote stuff if it is wildly off topic. It looks like this sub simply loves to RuneScape 2007 Gold downvote people for being fresh, I can't say I know it, but I do not really give a shit anymore. Should neutral karma is held by my queries? Definitely, they're just questions. Nothing positive or negative about them. Do they? No, but occasionally they even back out to neutral after initially getting several downvotes (seems some people are aware that downvoted questions become suppressed and try to bring up them ). It shouldn't be like that.

It was. My friend convinced me to change over I maxed and got tired of OSRS, once. We are buds irl and he told his clan about me considering switching, they have a 2.4k complete restriction but they knew who I was so when I finally switched over they ranked me at the clan straight off tut island and everyone was super welcoming and awesome, then I came here and felt just like I was being told"fuck off noob." Being in a clan with a 2400 total req you are really not supposed to be asking beginner questions, so at a stage I did not really know where to turn and nearly just decided to quit. Glad I did not, Runescape is excellent. This sub needs work, but there are undoubtedly a ton of very great helpful men and women who've been at it for a long time, they deserve some credit too.

If only the answers which can easily be found on the wiki obtained downvoted I'd like to add, it would make a sense. In addition, I feel weird even talking about downvotes, is not there like an unwritten rule about not doing this? I feel like the entire hostility to questions matter is another symptom of efficiencyscape, except rather than criticizing people for coaching skills inefficiently, it's criticizing people for hunting replies inefficiently. Only the most efficient method (reading wiki) is enabled, everything is wrong, even though asking other players will still supply an answer.

So apparently people should play with a singleplayer game and never talk to anyone because everything is on the wiki and there is no justification for creating conversations. Of course public chat is so dead relative to 10 years back and people talk more about politics than about Runescape, because politics is based on opinion and not on the wiki. I get it. The wiki did not exist for a lot of players. When I originally began (then stop, then moved to OSRS decades later) we didn't have a wiki. There was sals forums and later on runehq iirc (hazy timeline, I was like 9), each of which were great resources but nowhere close in depth as the wiki is. It's actually only a case of"I heard Runescape the hard way, you can too" imo.

Nobody wants to Buy OSRS Gold be bombarded with questions that are idiotic and I am sure the men and women who sit on this sub refreshing by fresh feel that way. I really don't think I have played Runescape with all the wiki closed in ages. While afking some shit, if I am not pvming I reading webpages. It stinks that I'd rather read the wiki than talk while skilling however I don't lose sleep over it.