New players making question's about Runescape

New players making question's about Runescape


There's two problems really. New players making question's about Runescape, then getting downvoted with no answer. The remedy is the Weekly Megathread which I think solves the dilemma of gathering everyone with OSRS Accounts Basic Questions into a single location (you know those answers currently ). However, I do not believe in the Subreddit users here, I believe just a couple of them are going to redirect those new users to the Megathread, others will only answer their queries, while others will still downvote them (that is the problem this post focused on, as fas as I'm aware).

Redirecting OSRS players into the subreddit that is correct. The solution will be to produce a rule or bot (similar to the"Ninja Request" one) that shows folks another Subreddit accessible for them to produce the question. However, users create a fantastic job by diverting those people there, and there is the Subreddit connection on the banner that is right ads, under Partner Subreddits, there. But they are nevertheless downvoted by them. Both the Downvotes here, and the pestering users are like the ISR, there's no escaping. You can't remark anything constructive since they're already biting at your foot.

From the OSRS and pathofexile subreddit I frequent not every small question has asked in the megathread, a few people continue to create their own threads requesting them, and over the years I have barely ever noticed anyone even mention, they just reply it as usual. No demand for every question but not everyone who has a question would like to create their own thread. Maybe it's that the issue, perhaps they think it does not warrant you, not certain where most of them endure but I have read about several reasons. My train of thought is that if a participant sees a megathread that is stickied they feel welcome to ask things because there's a place created to do so. I see it as the distinction between somebody welcoming you vs welcoming you.

The worst time I have had playing Runescape

Tried to perform a duo in corp for a couple hours each night and almost got our kill shot every moment. Folks will wait using a zest until corps stats empty to zero run in with two accounts, one with transfer and one just smacking a crystal halberd against it. We attempted using the portalsite, but the 200k feels like a punishment for trying to play Runescape legit and it considerably slowed down our kill time since we had to wait for each other to enter in as not to lose the case. I know this was a problem for a long time, but if we don't keep reminding the Jmods which it is an issue nothing could ever get done. It felt watching people grief for hours on end with no repercussions. Just a bummer which sigils, are being farmed by poisonous individuals that are too lazy to really put at job for Buy RS3 Gold a kill. This is the most helpless I've ever believed playing with OSRS.