How to spot fake Ray-Bans

How to spot fake Ray-BansHow to spot fake Ray-Bans


Ray-Bans are one of the most popular sunglasses brands in the world for imitations. But would you be able to spot a pair of fake Ray-Bans? We teach you how you can.Get more news about replica ray bans,you can vist!

Ray-Ban was founded by the American company Bausch Lomb in 1936 and since then has become a household name best known for its Wayfarer and Aviator models.

With this brand being a popular choice for sunglasses, it's no surprise that many unreliable retailers are trying to pass off fake Ray-Bans as the genuine product. Fear not, there are ways to tell whether your Ray-Bans are real or fake. Quality

Hand made in Italy, genuine Ray-Bans are of exceptional quality and are crafted from high quality materials. From the finish around the hinges to the weight of the material, you'll be able to tell whether Ray-Bans are genuine or not based on these top-quality details. Models like the Wayfarer are produced from a mould and cut from a block of acetate before being polished by hand. The acetate material is smooth and seamless proving its quality.

You can test this by running your finger along the arms of the glasses frames. If the arms of the glasses frames feel jagged or rough, the Ray-Bans might be fake. Lenses

The lenses of Ray-Ban sunglasses are of a superior quality too. Glass lenses are featured on most of the models. However some of the more recent designs feature other materials instead.

Real Ray-Bans will have "RB" and the Ray-Ban logo etched on the lenses. Ray-Ban polarised lenses will have "Ray-Ban P" etched on the top corner of the lens.

If this is missing, they are almost guaranteed to be fake. Genuine Ray-Ban lenses also do not scratch as easily as fakes which often use cheap coating or coloured film.The hinges of original Ray-Ban sunglasses will also be of good quality. They will be made of solid metal and securely bolted to the frame of the glasses with two metal rivets on the front and two at the side.