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"I believe in healthy skepticism, and that there are better ways of doing things. Health is not just about checking your serum sodium level and correcting it. We are far more than blood and bone. For example, did you know that DNA can actually “talk” to other DNA if put into the Schumann resonance frequency of the earth? We can build bone by applying a particular resonance frequency to a fracture. Why would we think frequency is unimportant when we are dealing with cell phones or other electrical fields? The human race has been harmed by rejecting all classical healing strategies in favor of pharmaceutical solutions. Wouldn’t you rather improve your immune system to fight off all attacks on your biology, rather than constantly have to take artificial chemicals and vaccines to imperfectly correct defects? 2020 was a year that changed the world. It was our mini “Dark Age.” Greed is only a part of the picture." Dr. Lee Merritt