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Heat Pumps in Hamilton

At Comfort Group, one of our key areas of specialty is installing heat pumps in homes in the Hamilton Waikato area. We install heat pumps in new build homes as well as homes undergoing renovation or restoration work. We can also replace the existing heat pump you have if it is faulty or if you want one that is more efficient and/or effective. Plus, we can install a heat pump in your home if it doesn’t currently have one. We’ll start by recommending the best heat pump solution for your home and budget in Hamilton and Waikato region. The options available include wall, floor, and ceiling mounted heat pumps as well as ducted systems. To find out more from our expert team, and to arrange a callout so we can give you a quote, Households generally use a closed loop system. A closed loop system uses an underground pipe filled with a liquid solution to conduct heat or cool air. The heat pumps are considered environmentally friendly since the technology uses the earth as a heating and cooling source of energy. Fans of the heat pumps claim that they save almost half the money that they would have otherwise spent on their heating bills and up to 30% on their costs to cool their home. please give us a call on 0508 741 741.

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