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Website Audit

The first thing that you need to do before you plan your SEO strategy is to understand how seraph engines work and what are the factors that are important to search engine ranking now, there is certainly no dearth of information on the topic, unfortunately; there is a lot of ambiguity if you pick things up from different sources while one site may claim to have found the age old secret to search engine supremacy; others may call the very secret a dud so you need o have a good understanding of what maters. You need Website Audit to know exactly what the search engine crawlers do and how they use the data from the websites to determine the page rank What you need is a website SEO audit so lets talk about how you can give your site a thorough analysis:

A technical audit can uncover some major anomalies Free Website Audit that can pull down your search engine rank.You also need to audit the content of your website to determine if your title tags, heading tags and body of the content are keyword rich. The site navigation system should also use relevant keywords. The content should be link worthy and readable so it should be written for the sole benefit or search engine crawlers.

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