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Raffle Tickets - How to Create a Raffle
Raffle tickets are a common way for clubs and organizations to raise money for their causes. They are often sold in bulk and offer people a chance to win prizes like gift cards, services, goods or vacations. The tickets are usually sold at an event or as part of another event, and the winner is selected at a subsequent drawing. Some states have laws regulating raffles, so it is important to know the rules before holding one.


The first step in creating a raffle is to decide how many items to include and how much the ticket will cost. This information will help you determine how much money your organization can raise and will guide the rest of your plans. Many groups choose to hold a large-scale event, but smaller raffles are also possible and can still raise significant amounts of money.

You will need to gather a small committee to help you plan the raffle and select prizes. This committee can be as large or as small as you want, but it is generally helpful to have at least two or three members. The committee will also decide when the raffle will take place and how long it will last for ticket sales. Depending on the size of your prize package and the size of your organization, you may need to plan for a period of months to sell enough tickets to meet your financial goals.

Once you have your committee and your committee has decided on a date for the drawing, it is time to order your tickets. Unless you are able to print them yourself, it is best to order them from a commercial printer that can produce high-quality tickets for a reasonable price. The tickets should be numbered and perforated so that the stub can be separated from the body of the ticket. Many organizations try to save money on printing costs by not ordering numbered tickets or numbering them themselves, but this is generally an unwise endeavor. It is easy to lose track of tickets and volunteers are less likely to give their money if the tickets look cheap or poorly done.

Raffle tickets are normally printed on brightly colored paper that is a bit heavier than normal office paper. Some of the more professional-looking tickets come in a variety of colors, which can really enhance a fundraising event and make it feel more official and serious. Many of these types of tickets also come with a box that can be checked by purchasers to indicate that they have read and agreed to the rules and terms of participation in the raffle.

Ideally, the tickets should be printed on both sides so that they can be handed to buyers with confidence. They should also be clearly numbered, so that people can easily keep track of the tickets they have purchased and check them when it is time to make the drawing. Some organizations choose to have the drawing at a separate event, but this is not required. If the draw is at a separate event, it may be necessary to state in your rules that ticket holders are required to attend the drawing to claim their prizes.