Are There Tinted Contact Lenses?

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Are There Tinted Contact Lenses?Are There Tinted Contact Lenses?

Are There Tinted Contact Lenses?

Are you attending a holiday event and looking into changing your appearance? From time to time, you may wish to alter your eye color to blend in with your costume or a certain aesthetic. And that can leave you wondering, ‘Are there tinted contact lenses?’ To get more news about Yellow Contacts, you can visit official website.

Yes, there are tinted contact lenses. They are lenses that alter the appearance of your eye color, and--great news--even if you don’t wear corrective eyewear normally, you can still modify your eye color with these fun, painless lenses.To get more news about Black Contacts, you can visit official website.

An Enhancement Tint: This type of lens is transparent, offering a more distinct color than the visibility tint. Enhancement tint contacts are perfect if you want to make your light eye color more vivid. To get more news about cosplay contacts, you can visit official website.
An Opaque Tint: If you’re going for a dramatic change in eye color or have brown eyes, you’ll want these lenses. With many shades available, an opaque tint will help you adopt any look. (Bonus: They’re ideal for Halloween!)
A Visibility Tint: This tint is often blue or green, and it’s more for helping you find your contacts easier if they fall out versus for cosmetic purposes. The shade is obscure, so if you want a more drastic change in eye color, we’d recommend an opaque tint.
While For Eyes offers an abundance of eyewear, there aren’t specific tinted contact lenses for light sensitivity (also known as photophobia). We recommend asking your eye specialist for an anti-reflective, UV-protective coating to reduce the impact of glare and light on your eyes.

Alternatively, if you’re worried about contacts and light sensitivity, request a pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses with polarized lenses. We can add many coatings to your lenses, depending on your needs.

The best way to approach light sensitivity is to talk to your eye doctor about your options. Our team can recommend the best lenses and tips to combat light sensitivity symptoms so that you can enjoy your event (or new look) and worry less about the sunshine affecting your vision.
There are tinted contact lenses also known as colored contacts. If you have a special occasion coming up and want to change your eye color completely, an opaque tint is for you. However, if you want to reinforce your natural eye color by making it look brighter, an enhancement or visibility tint is a great option.

While there isn’t a specific pair of contact lenses for light sensitivity, you can find a variety of eyewear options at your local optical store. From an anti-reflective coating to polarized lenses, there are many choices for you.