The Delta variant threatens

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Certain jobs have been reinstated The Delta variant threatens to retake these workers.

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The pandemic is advancing with no clear end in sight, the art industry remains in constant change. Every day brings new news of budget cuts, layoffs, and other news.


There are many options to consider when it's time for the dust to settle Restructuring, changing dates and activities that are postponed or cancelled, OVRs, emerging forms and online programming.


The world of art can appear entirely different.

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Many professional gallery assistants, museum educators, registrars and art handlers lost their jobs at the outbreak of the pandemic. While


Certain jobs have been reinstated The Delta variant threatens to retake these workers. This is unfortunately the case for this specific group of professionals.


Work-related insecurity isn't something new. The career they choose and the resulting reality can be summarized in one word: precarious.


For workers who were also affected by the 2008 financial crises and recession that followed, the current labor markets is like "death through repetition" however it's also coupled by a public.


It is a public health emergency that makes this situation even more hazardous terrifying, exhausting and frightening. While history is not certain to repeat it,


Although it is not the end of the tale, it offers hints as to what might happen in the future.


In the aftermath of the Great Recession, the United States art industry saw a labor market that was quite similar to that of the Great Depression.