How Does a Recycler Rig Work?

How Does a Recycler Rig Work?How Does a Recycler Rig Work?


How Does a Recycler Rig Work?

Recycler rigs have the same basic function as other dab rigs and bongs. This recycler design extends the water filtration process to cool the smoke down even more than usual. In addition to adding a smooth quality, smoking a recycler rig makes this an overall cleaner process.To get more news about big bongs for sale, you can visit official website.

The recycling process begins once smoke begins to fill the inside of the recycler rig. First, the smoke travels into the water reservoir. As the smoker continues to breathe in, the smoke and water travel together through tubes, which connect the chambers. This continues until the smoker ultimately inhales. With recycler rigs, you can achieve the clean, smooth bong rips or dabs that you have come to love every smoke session!

Even though they’re called recycler rig, you can still use them as glass bongs! To smoke dry herbs, make sure you’re using a dry herb bowl with the correct joint size, and not a dab nail. Then, light your dry herbs and enjoy.This type of recycler features a drain tube that connects from the top of the can of the rig to the bottom. The tube is on the outside of the can creating a continuous loop of filtration and airflow.
Internal Recycler (Incycler)
There are 2 types of incycler rig. One has an external tube that brings the water from the first chamber to the second where the drain is. The drain tube is on the inside of the can. The other one, the water travels through small holes at the top of the drain funnel instead of traveling through an external tube.
Klein Recycler
This type of recycler dab rig features a "klein weld". It looks like a hybrid of an external and internal recycler. They are designed like internal recyclers, but the drain doesn't just go straight down to the bottom of the bong. It first exits the chamber and then loops back inside. The reason this is done is so the drain does not get in the way of the percolator. You don't want them to interfere with each other and a "klein weld" is the best way to make sure the doesn't happen.

Of course this is not every single type of Recycler in existence, but pretty much every recycler uses one of these three basic formulas.

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