As someone who's been crashed in a manner

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As someone who's been crashed in a manner

As someone who's been crashed in a manner I've found a way to frighten the crashers is to utilize a spell on them. They have RS3 Gold have in order to receive transfer, gained on help, which means it is possible to interrupt them together with the tele-other prompt and potentially even get them killed if corp has not been deprived of precision that is magic. Jagex doesnt give a shit. It's the unfortunate truth. If you're in a duo try to drain his stats only enough so that your buddy and you can eliminate a kill collectively. That way when some retard tries to wreck you can measure from the space and theyll get stomped out by the corp monster even with his moves.

If you get crashed by a group of two or more it is tough luck, however the beauty of the method that is above is your time cuts down to 1 minute or less you can hop and it is very little time lost. I've had some real great pleasure watching crashers get lit the fuck up by corp and have to tele out since they are bad at Runescape. Yeah, I guess you're right. We were able to take back a few kills some of them came in and spec moved me lol. Yeah this shit stinks but wtf do you anticipate jagex to do? Crashing is part of Runescape and honestly always has been.

You discuss playing Runescape untrue but drain the stats of corp. Like I remember this boss actually being powerful as shit. Now him pretty much drain being a chicken that on occasion will hit 40. Neither of you is currently doing corp as intended, what they do is not against any rule and should not be. That said consider working against getting crashed. In using arclight/darklight rather than bgs, do like 200 dmg instead of 300 with the bgs if ur duoing so you spend less time reducing stats. Or find an alt to hold an instance open. You ain't getting ur paying 200k, punished. Or know practice what you preach and do corp"untrue", no drains will be gonna frighten off most crashers cuz it is a waste of their time.While Runescape is greatly targeted towards RS3, as it's the longer running, main version of the game and this subreddit was set 4 years until the launch of OSRS, content out of both games is welcome as they are both a part of their RuneScape community. Since 2007 Runescape is your subreddit for OSRS, it is connected in our header and sidebar so that it will have some visibility here.

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