Revenant Knight - Level 135 utilizes range of melee and melee

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Revenant Knight - Level 135 utilizes range of melee and melee

Revenant Knight - Level 135 utilizes range of OSRS Accounts melee and melee. It can hit 20 and 27, and can shoot at multiple units multiple times. 250HP. Revenant Dragon – Level 135 is able to block, heal, stun, freeze, drain, turn invisibly and breathe flames. The maximum damage by magic melee is 20, 300HP. Revenant God Level 500 melee, 100 range, 100 mage-30, kills someone in one shot 500HP

If you're frozen, you'll be able to attack but not move. What is the number of Revs? They will attack. That's what I mean when i say they'll attack. There will be 25 revenant groups and, after five minutes of battle and the next group will be advancing. 20 imps will attack your fortress immediately and explode if they have a low amount hp. Five goblins with 15 imps will take on the defense. 10 goblins with 15 imps will roam around attacking ANYTHING that is in their sight.

15 goblins or five icefiends could be a threat to players. 20 gobins 10, 10 imps, and 3 icefiends be sent to your fortress. Now we have 20 goblins and 20 imps. 5 Icefiends, 5 pyrefiends and five pyrefiends are ready to attack attackers. Your builders will get 20 goblins 10 Icefiends and five pyrefiends. We have lost the goblin. Now 10 icefiends 10 pyrefiends, 10 hobgoblins and 10 pyrefiends will attack every object that is in their view. Your fortress is soon going to be attacked by 15 Icefiends, 15 Pyefiends and 15 Hobgoblins

Defenders are attacked by 10 icefiends, 10 hobgoblins, 10 pyrefiends and 10 vampires. The icefiend has been eliminated, pyrefiend, and 15 hobgoblins will attack both defenders and attackers. 15 hobgoblins (15 vampires, and 15 werewolves (15 vampires, and 15) will begin attacking anything in their sight. Builders and defenders are under attack by 10 hobgoblins (10 vampires), 10 werevolves and Cheap OSRS Gold five cyclops.