Information of Bottle Bloing machine Working Principle

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Bottle Blowing Machine is excellent equipment which can make plastic granules into the heavy containers. This machine works on the principle of the blow molding process. The industry of food and drinks make use of it. The manufacturers are using the latest technology in it to make it more efficient. It is made up of top quality parts.

The blow molding machine is a blow molding process. The preform made of plastic pellets is formed by heating and extrusion blow molding. At present, it is mainly a two-step forming blow molding machine of HDPE, LDPE, PP, PETG and PVC. The main blow molding machines in China are the two-step blow molding machine and the one-step blow molding machine. The two-step blow molding machine has a relatively simple structure and is easy to use and is widely used. At the same time, according to the different dynamic structure design, the blowing machine is divided into a pneumatic blowing machine and a servo (electric) blowing machine. The servo blowing machine runs fast and has a high output.

The blanking system: the blanking system of the blowing machine automatically feeds the preform into the blowing machine, and the preform is transferred from the lower part of the silo through the conveyor to the guide rail through the hoist, and the preform is automatically rotated inside the guide to rotate the preform Straightening, the preform head is facing up and the billet is facing downwards. The automatic feeding system designed by Leshan Blowing Machine has a returning device, which can return irregular preforms to the automatic loading bin for re-processing. The ordered preforms are mechanically powered from top to bottom and slide down to the specified positioning point. The blank gripper on the blowing machine takes the preform and flips it to the base of the conveyor chain to complete the automatic loading process.

Stepping system: The blowing machine stepping system is the transmission system for linking each system in the operation of the blowing machine. It consists of two parts: the transmission chain and the preform base. The transmission chain loads the preform base that carries the preform and takes the preform from the blank. The system begins at the point where it passes through the heating system and the blowing system to the bottle.

Heating system: The blowing machine heating system mainly heats the preform, and the preform is heated to a certain temperature and then blown and squeezed. The heating system consists of a heating tube, a reflector, a cooling system, and the like. The heating oven heats the preform through the infrared lamp tube, and the reflective sheet heats both sides of the preform by reflection, the preform is automatically rotated, and the system is cooled, and the bottle mouth is cooled and cooled to prevent the preform from expanding.

blowing system

The blowing system is mainly composed of a stretching device, a pre-blowing device, a blowing device, and an exhaust device. The preform is mechanically stretched under the action of the stretching bar, and pre-blowing is performed while stretching, so that the bottle is initially shaped and then blown, and finally the bottle is taken out by venting. The main function of pre-blowing is to make the material distribution even and easy to blow. The shape of the pre-blowing bottle directly determines the difficulty of the blowing process and the performance of the bottle. The shape of the normal pre-blowing bottle is spindle-shaped.

The lower bottle system: the blown bottle to the lower bottle mouth is taken out of the bottle by the gripper or the bottle is directly blown into the container by the wind.

Auxiliary equipment

The auxiliary equipment of the sidel sbo14 blow molding machine has a mold temperature machine and a bottle mouth detecting device. The mold temperature machine is used to deliver a certain temperature of water to the mold, which is heated by a heat exchanger and then sent to the mold by a pump. There are two main functions of the mold temperature machine: (1) to maintain the mold constant temperature, to maintain product stability (2) to cool the bottle mouth detection equipment, a brief working principle: the light emitted by the light source in the digital camera After being reflected to the chip, the light is converted into a voltage by the chip, and the voltage is processed by the CPU and converted into a corresponding brightness value to form an image. If the bottle mouth is defective, the brightness value of the defect and the brightness value of other points around it exceed the set value. By comparison, it can be determined that the point is a defect. When the defect point exceeds the set value, it is determined that the bottle is bad. Bottle, bottle will be popped up. If interested, kindly welcome to Bottle Blowing Machine Manufacturer Master Packing Co.,Ltd