Best Skin Doctor in Hyderabad

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Dr. Keerthana, specialist in dermatology and Medical aesthetics

Laser toning (facial toning) is a skin treatment that is performed to primarily address the skin pigmentation issues. Besides targeting the pigmentation or dark spots, it also helps in reducing the pore size, aging signs (such as wrinkles and fine lines) and provides smooth, refreshed, and evenly toned skin. During the procedure, a low fluence laser beam is targeted onto the skin (a numbing cream is applied before the procedure) to be treated for a few microseconds. The laser works by producing the thermal effect that damages the affected skin and stimulates collagen production during the natural healing process. There is no pain associated with this treatment, only a tingling sensation is felt. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis by Dr. Keerthana Kalva, one of the best dermatologists in Hyderabad at Inform Clinics. The laser also rejuvenates the skin texture and provides instant brightness to the face. Visit the best skin doctor in Hyderabad, Dr. Keerthana Kalva, to get the benefits of this treatment.