World of Warcraft: TBC Classic Phase 2, are you ready?

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The release of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade classic provides much-needed updates to the game for World of Warcraft: Classic players. The expansion pack adds the latest continent in Outland, several new endgame instances, and 10 new content for players to hone. Just like the classic original version released many years ago, The second phase will be a considerable update to TBC Classic. Players are also working hard to update the initial content of the expansion since its release.​​​

With the arrival of the second phase of the TBC Classic, the second PvP season of the sport is coming soon. In the second phase, Faction Battlegear will be added to the equipment process. This is essentially a shortcut for the first level 70 players to arrange and prepare PvP content. In order not to hinder their comrades in battle, players will go to in advance to choose Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold. In addition, for players participating in Battlegrounds, your queuing system will be updated in the second phase. Blizzard is still testing battlefield matches between people of similar factions to shorten the queue time on classic servers.
TBC Classic Gold
Once the second phase starts, you can expect to learn anything in the following ways. Two new raids. There will be two new raids in TBC: the classics of the second phase of the game: Storm Fortress and Serpent Temple Cave. These raids may be released to the classic server in a weakened state, giving players a chance to master them through their encounters. In terms of the quality of life characteristics of the second stage, the Burning Crusade classics can add some quality of life supplements. Compared with the impact of the server tool after the second phase started, no new features will have more impact on the game.

Stormy Fortress was notorious when it was first released and may be repaired and completed. Serpentshrine Cavern, this is impossible due to the great difficulty. But from the perspective of skill level and equipment quality, it still poses arduous challenges to players. Some players like high-difficulty game levels. To enjoy the game, players will go to the secure website and choose Buy TBC Classic Gold. If your guild is still struggling during the first stage of the raid, you will be happy to find that once the second stage starts, the PvE article content will be weakened.