Players who paid a lot of wealth for animal crossing bugs.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons players accidentally used their life savings to plant a cash cow instead of the 1,000 bells they dug out before. Planting money trees in Animal Crossing: New Vision can greatly increase the wealth of farmers. Players often encounter golden light on the earth in different places on the island. If they bring the shovel to your place. They can also find some bells. After harvesting their bounty, there will be a vacancy on your lawn. Players can directly throw some bells to plant a money tree instead of refilling the sockets. If farmers plant 100 to 1,000 bells, if the tree grows, they can guarantee 3 times the amount of burial.

However, as the number of planted bells has increased, the predictability of financial returns has changed. If 10,000 to 99,000 Bells were buried from the previous bright spot, we have a 70% chance that the return may be 30,000 Bells and a 30% chance that the fund tree will generate 3 times the number of bells to be buried. Because of this game rule, many players will choose Buy Nook Miles from the ACBellsBuy website. The purpose is to expand the income of LTL bells. Therefore, farmers who use 99,000 Bells to plant money trees are more likely than 297,000 Bells to plant 30,000 Bells.

Due to the unpredictability of the income tree, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have recently inherited a rather dangerous dilemma. Reddit users say that after digging 1,000 bells on a bright spot on your lawn, they plan to replant their bounty and plant a cash cow. Planting 1,000 bells, they can guarantee to get 3,000 bells in turn. However, they accidentally spent their life savings. Because of this accident, the ANCH community gathered to help a villager overcome a common mistake and bail them out of financial difficulties.

Although Nintendo Switch games include various cool features such as fishing and home design, a key part of the ACNH game requires less money to pay off debts and constantly upgrade the city. Maybe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons accidentally burying a large amount of money is not interesting, but the urban response, in this case, was originally a glimmer of hope. More and more players choose Buy ACNH NMT to avoid game loopholes. ACNH keeps making small mistakes, creating a bad experience for players and users. Because the game is not allowed to quit halfway, the player suffers heavy losses.