I can't wait to tell you about Pokemon Exec's shirt.

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Kotaku is no stranger to discussing fashion, so I am proud to stick to this legendary tradition. As we all know, game players don't care much about dressing up. Even from an executive, a standard press conference is indeed a combination of a graphic T-shirt and a suit jacket. The Chief Operating Officer of Pokémon Company Takato Utsunomiya wears his Kyogre shirt in a Pokémon gift on August 18. As a loyal player who chooses to Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon from the mmoso.com website, he must know this hot news. Just think about it. It's incredible. Of course, this is an additional marketing opportunity.

In today's Pokémon Direct, Takato Utsunomiya, COO of Pokémon Company, wore the most impeccable outfit I have seen so far. There was a turning point in things. The Pokemon Company recently started cooperating with Original Stitch to produce customized Pokemon shirts. Since I first saw it, I immediately pointed out that every gamer must own a similar shirt. The basic color and texture pattern of the shirt match very delicately. Natural and subtle attracts most of the eyes.

A picture of a lady's formal shirt, there is also a Pokémon Kyogre on it. Subtle and eye-catching is most of the description of the Pokémon shirt, which explains why I haven't bought one yet. They are all too good to choose one. Everyone can accurately capture the atmosphere of any given Pokemon in the shirt. The shirt looks good without treatment, separated by the brand content determined by it. In the game, players can choose Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale. Outside the game, players can choose fashionable shirts. This is a fashion for gamers who perform correctly and evoke the game's feel without actually trying to imitate its appearance.

Except for the branded shirts, all Utsunomiya clothes are flawless. The blue of his jacket perfectly matches the tone of the Kyogre shirt. And the pair of glasses. Gamer, some of the ways you wear glasses. The round appearance is very suitable for his cool nerd temperament, and the actual size of the frame highlights his incredible cheekbones. You can say that he is the best-dressed man in most online games. His figure is very good. The shirt made this time made perfect publicity for Pokemon.