The coolest feature in Madden 21 that nobody talaks about

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If you win the Super Bowl? You get to mut coins madden 21 rewatch the identical cutscene in the previous 7 Maddens.

If you win the Super Bowl? You get to mut coins madden 21 rewatch the identical cutscene in the previous 7 Maddens. That is what I like to phone CONSISTENCY. Who wants to pay $6 0 and need to suffer the shock of seeing something NEW? I DONT. I wanna win the Super Bowl? And see that 1 participant tackle the other participant in celebration and then wanna find the trainer and QB take turns holding up the Lombardi Trophy on stage exactly the exact same precise way, and I want to find the identical confetti fall from the skies. Then I need the end. It's the reward. I dont feel stupid whenever that I purchase Madden and still see the same cutscene every time. I feel smart n that is big joyful.

Me not only dumb customer, and that is known by EA. EA care of making game, it clear. No additional studio does so because they are dumb and want to"innovate" and give the consumer"something exciting and new" in exchange for their hard earned money. Haha idiots, dont they know how much cash they could save by not altering anything and only age-old Madden NFL and selling them as"new" and loading them with microscamsactions? Only dumb fool winners have integrity. I hope other studios be aware of the and implement precisely the consistency into their Madden NFL.

What about the fact that none of those players on the sidelines to either team are real players on the group? I saw stick skinny white participant with the amount 96 on his jersey (no title ), but the man who had that amount was a 300lb black guy with dreads. EA is idle. Your sideline players are skinny guys who are so thin that they could be blown by wind over or huge guys with enormous guts. And they do reactions to the play happening. This would be okay in Madden 08 but it is just pathetic in Madden 21 to possess this nevertheless.

This is honestly why I am done with madden. I adored it when I had been my sim league, however there were lots of elite players and that I was sick of grinding out 9-7 like I am the Dolphins. Started to actually enjoy franchise mode again, but after finally making it into the Super Bowl with my Lions team and winning a hugely entertaining game thanks to an 84 yard rip from my celebrity rookie RB, the feeling of winning was a massive letdown. The lead around Madden NFL 21 felt like any other match, and the super bowl celebration was embarrassingly crap. What is the point? Also who the hell is Charles Gaudin? Had never heard of the man and have not seen him call a match. Really adds to the"bogus" sense of madden.

As well they should be. EA Sports has created a monopoly on the industry. And that they sell the same item. They discount what the community sell us items such as DJ Khaled and rather wants. It's a game recycled placing new ones and by taking features out. EA Sports could be lazy because they have a monopoly on the market which is just been extended. Considerable improvements haven't been made by them to Madden NFL 21play or modes in over a decade. There is not even a playoff film in franchise. Fans of Madden NFL 21 finish of football gambling should continue to cheap Mut 21 coins talk up since this is how it went our voice will get hurt.