There's no food or drink available on RS

There's no food or drink available on RS


There's no food or drink available on RS. Some people can eat meat while others are vegetarians. There's cheese and OSRS Accounts milk, but certain individuals are lactose intolerant. Also, alcohol. Alcohol is harmful. I think they should get rid of the "barrows armor" (all the sharp spikes can hurt anyone) and substitute it with "Smiley fun, enjoyable armor"(Pillows are taped with ducks).

The name of Tormented Demons should be changed to Smiley Demons. Tormented is too harsh and inappropriate for children. They should censor the word absurd and instead of a pvp world we can have a PHP world (player hugging player).

I was contemplating having a monkey-themed party in the near future. I heard 50 range is enough to bring the jungle demon down if you guards weaken him. Do you think monkey madness would be difficult for me? I got 42 def. 52 range. I thought about what it would look like if I tried it. I bring full blue d'hide. It is easy to drop it down using a magicshortbow, and up 100 runearrows.

But first i need do tree gnome village quest. I also don't have 43 prayers. Check out the sal's guide. The guide talks about wearing a prayer amour. Do I really need this item? You should also have lots of poison pots as I've read so many things about it. This was posted on runescape discussion. Could anyone please forward it to a discussion area? *

Okay, basically today I was walking around with my broomstick that I hadn't used in a while and I noticed that jagex updated it as well in the animation pack, they changed the bottom of the broomstick more dark colour. Another thing which I find really cool is the exaggerated strut which you walk, it's as if you're sweeping as Buy OSRS Gold you walk, I think it's pretty cool. I just wanted to let everyone know that the broomstick now looks much better than it did before. I can't wait until the next animation pack.