The Way To Evolve Charjabug in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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When the Pokemon series enters a new generation, changing the evolution of certain Pokemon is a relatively common feature. Players will choose to buy Gmax Pokemon from the PKMBuy website. This started with the transition between the 1st and 2nd generation, players can only obtain fully evolved Steel-type Pokemon, such as Scizor and Steelix, by trading while holding Metal Coat items.

In the latest game Pokemon Sword and Shield in the main series, the 8th generation of the long-lived series has brought some new evolutionary changes. One of them is that there is no need to upgrade this bug and electric pocket monster in a special magnetic field like the Pokemon Sun and Moon. Players need to evolve Charjabug with the help of specific items.

In short, players have to use Thunder Stone to evolve the 8th generation Charjabug. This is usually a big change, because requiring you to upgrade them in specific areas is both annoying and tedious, exactly like trying to evolve a Pokemon through upgrades. Most players would prefer to breed wild Pokemon in locations where they have more experience or want Charjabug to have a specific effort point.

Another benefit of this change is that players don't have to guess or time when to evolve their Charjabug, because the mechanics surrounding its previous evolution method are always obscure at best. In this case, buy Bundle Pokemon is more advantageous than taking the time to capture one. When considering upgrading Charjabug to Vikavolt, using Thunder Stone allows trainers to have more control, which is very suitable for gamers to upgrade Charjabug until they learn specific actions before they evolve.