This is a shiny new minigame in runescape that you are moved into an imaginary world

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The guild was very packed prior to the resource dungeons upgrade. Many coal rocks and some miths made the guild popular for those who wish to superheat ores while they mine OSRS Accounts, so this update could bring a few extra people into the guild. Okay... I post a lot asking about what to do with accounts, and honestly i only want to build one account in order to be rich and have a high combat level I think it's best if i just stick with ONE account.

One of my members accounts is level 78. This was my first account. But, he's poor (2 mill). My goal for this account was to increase every skill to 70 however, I'm not sure if that's as easy as much as I'd like to, but I tend to become entangled with other accounts because im bored of doing one thing. (His abilities are listed in my signature.

The second account I have: I have set myself goals of 40 attack, 60 strength, and 70 range and magic. (Currently this account is for training). The third account I have is a general account. But the combat abilities are around 30-40 for each of them. It could be enhanced. My fourth account is a skilleder. Apart from the level 78, none the four members is my fourth account. I have a question for you: Which one should i keep and which should i improve?

I would like to improve my 78th level, but i'm not sure what to train first for money to start for getting all other skills up to 70, but then again i wouldn't mind training my account in its pure form (the second one i said about) however, he has to be developed in a hurry! So, what should I do? If you could have any equipment that you wanted, any type of items in your invitory Buy Old School RS Gold, and having the tasks that you would like to accomplish, what would they all be?