The Benefits of Cotton Underwear

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The Benefits of Cotton Underwear or undergarments'

Reaching into your underwear drawer while you’re getting ready for the day is always an adventure. Are you looking for a comfy pair of briefs? Are you feeling flirty and opting for a thong moment? Did your period just hit? Or maybe you actually just really need to do laundry (been there). There's a world of discovery, all within that one drawer. And with our introduction of new Cotton Modal Super Leakproof Underwear, we think there’s no better time to throw some cotton underwear into your daily mix.

Between their breathable nature to being an alternative to synthetic materials— cotton is the best kind of underwear to wear for your health and comfort. So close that underwear drawer and let's get going! Here are some of our top reasons to start wearing underwear made of cotton.


If you’re a person with a vagina, you know that it can be super delicate and sensitive to irritation or infection. So you have to treat it gently when it comes to the underwear fabrics that are near and dear to it every day. According to a study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley, they found that one of the major factors associated with yeast infections is wearing underwear made from synthetic materials. This is because these fabrics aren't breathable and trap heat— keeping your bits actually too nice and toasty. And the warmer it is, the more moisture there is— which promotes yeast growth.

Made of a natural material, wearing cotton underwear is the best way to combat this. You can check out our new Cotton Modal Underwear as a breathable and extra comfortable option. If you’re a fan of our original underwear, don’t worry— we’ve had you covered from the beginning. All of our Period Underwear and Essential Underwear have a gusset (our fancy word for crotch area), made with 86 percent cotton. Check out any of our product pages for a full fabric break down! You can also read more here to learn about how all our undies are PFAS and chemical free.

Anti-Odor Moisture Wicking 

Remember when we talked about the oven that synthetic fabrics can create when you wear them up close and personal with your vagina? Because these materials aren’t super breathable, the moisture and heat that gets trapped builds up bacteria as you’re going about your day. And this build up can often cause odor. This is a known tale especially if you live in a hotter climate, or you’re in the midst of summer.

So what to do? We ventilate. And while going commando is certainly an easy breezy fun adventure, it isn’t always an option. Your best choice is cotton underwear! Not only are cotton underwear breathable, but the fabric is also more naturally moisture wicking and absorbent than other materials— which leaves you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day abuot Most Comfortable Womens Uderwear


Besides saying "not today" to everything from a yeast infection to moisture causing odor, cotton is also a hypoallergenic material. Cotton helps with breathability, and it also makes it the best and most comfortable underwear option if you have sensitive skin in general, or are allergic to synthetic materials (like nylon).

In general, there’s a reason why so many baby clothes are made of cotton. Soft, instantly comforting and ultra comfortable, cotton simply just feels good on your skin. This also makes cotton the perfect underwear fabric to wear when you’re on your period and you need an extra dose of comfort.

It’s also pretty convenient (okay, maybe we planned it), that our Cotton Modal Underwear are made with our Super Leakproof technology in the gusset. This means that they are ultra absorbent— absorbing up to 8 tsps of liquid. Completely eliminating pads, tampons and your cup from your period routine, we can’t think of a more comfortable pair of underwear for your time of the month.


Choosing to wear cotton underwear is good for your vaginal health and acts as a sustainable alternative to wearing synthetic fabrics. And ultimately, cotton just feels really good, whether you have sensitive skin or not. Need we say more? Actually we will, because we're Knix and we can talk about underwear forever!

Because cotton underwear is moisture wicking and odor-free, they're the best underwear to wear no matter if you're running a marathon, or just lounging at home marathoning The Office (Again?? We see you!). If you're checking out our new Cotton Modal Underwear, we made sure to make our Super Leakproof technology super thin and discrete, so they can be worn even if you're not on your period or have incontinence. You'll be rummaging through your underwear drawer for your pair in no time.