Explore The Three Best Areas Of Dark-Types In Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Dark-type Pokemon is very useful for players' teams. In the main story of the Galer region of Sword and Shield, you can encounter many Dark-type Pokemon in every part of the player's journey. Maybe you can catch a Cheap Shiny Pokemon when you explore. Some areas contain more dark types than others, so if players try to fill their team with this type, the following areas should be given priority.

Bridge Field
As an area starting to introduce more advanced Pokemon into the game, Bridge Field has un-evolved Pokemon, as well as some fully evolved Pokemon. Both Zigzagoon and Inkay have evolved into powerful Pokemon that will spawn in Bridge Field regardless of the weather.

However, other Pokemon, such as the fully evolved Thievul and Liepard, rely on specific weather conditions to lay their eggs. Although the necessity of proper weather conditions can cause trouble, the diversity of Dark-type Pokemon that exists in the area means that players can find at least one viable dark system regardless of the weather.

Stony Wilderness
Stony Wilderness benefits from the number of Dark-type Pokemon that can be found there, but most of them require specific weather conditions. The only Dark-type Pokemon that can be produced at a low enough level in the early game and all weathers is Vullaby, which is exclusive to Pokemon: Shield.

However, with the density of the Dark-type Pokemon in the area, no matter what the weather is, at least one can always be found. Many of these Pokémon also have a strong ability to evolve, so they are worth waiting in different weather conditions if needed.

Dusty Bowl
Although players in both versions can find several dark types in Dusty Bowl, Shield players benefit more. Mandibuzz will spawn in various weather conditions, while Sableye will spawn in Fog. Tyranitar can also be encountered as a rare main world spawn, but it appears at level 60, which means that players must obtain all eight gym badges to catch it.

In addition to these Shield exclusives, there are some Dark-type Pokemon that can be encountered and captured. But, they all appear at a higher level than the surrounding area, so players may have to return to Dusty Bowl after completing more stories.

The above are the best areas for you to explore the Dark-type Pokemon, you can enjoy the fun of exploration in the game. If you need to Buy Shiny Pokemon, PKMBuy welcomes you at any time.