This Self-Balancing Electric Bike Can Follow You Around

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This Self-Balancing Electric Bike Can Follow You Around

Beijing-based company Da Vinci Dynamics has recently launched a high-performance electric street bike, DC100. It has a remarkable 250-mile (400 km) NEDC range with some wild robotic tricks. Moreover, the bike claims to have a self-balancing capability and will follow you around seamlessly.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.

It seems like Da Vinci has put the world’s best features into this electric vehicle; however, some of the basic features are a little confusing. For instance, with 135 horsepower, the bike falls into the “fast electric” group, whereas the company says it runs “a smart control system that seamlessly integrates multiple different motors.” However, an independent press release then states it’s actually 137 horsepower, running via hub motor. The highest torque recorded is a ridiculous 850 Nm (627 lb-ft); nevertheless, hub motors do have amazing torque specs. For instance, Verge TS has a hub motor that does not require a middle in it to break 1,000 Nm (738 lb-ft). The DC100 will dash from 0-100 km/h in 3-4 seconds. Therefore, with wild torque or no wild torque, a well-ridden gixxer will be hard to compete with.

DC 100’s battery consists of a 17.7 kWh unit capable of 30-minute level 3 fast charging. Compared to the latest model of Zero SR, it is a bit less. At 18 kWh, the Zero gives 223 miles (359 km) of start-stop, slow city rides and just 112 miles (180 km) on the highway. Da Vinci, on the other hand, achieved a 250-mile range which is highly impressive.Apart from the bike’s dashing outlook and gorgeous running gear from Brembo and Ohlins, it has sound electronic specs such as combined ABS braking and a traction control system. However, a “creep” feature makes DC more interesting; it enables the bike to move slowly forward once the brake lever is released like an automatic car. In addition, it has a slow reverse feature to get out of difficult parking situations. It also foretells when it’s on an angle, allowing hill-start assist and automatic mild regenerative braking on downhills making sure you don’t accidentally speed up.

Coming soon,” presumably in OTA software updates, is the really weird stuff. “Using EPS and six-axis IMU, the DC100 will be able to balance itself.” EPS, we assume, means electronic power steering, and this would let the bike wobble around without the sidestand down like those concepts Honda put out back in the day. But, of course, the Honda concepts could also sense and follow, and Da Vinci plans to give the DC100 this capability. “Imagine your motorcycle as your jogging companion.”

An app-based remote control of the bike will also be there so that it could bring itself to you from the parking spot. It is fascinating to see all of these technological drifts coming out of a production bike.The Da Vinci DC100 bike is available for pre-order now at US$27,500. The company also revealed a naked “DC Classic” model with the big ol’ battery box, french calfskin seats and an unjustifiable US$90,000 price tag.