The hype around the very-good-sounding World of Warcraft Classic brought me back to WOW

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The hype around the very-good-sounding World of Warcraft Classic brought me back to WOW

"World of Warcraft" adventurer Windhymn is ready to enter Azeroth, and this adventurer also contends with the world-renowned massively multiplayer role-playing game outstanding players. Unfortunately, he was 16 years late. In 2007, when I launched The Burning Crusade for the first time, I was already exposed to World of Warcraft, but my pocket money was only enough to allow me to manage a one-month subscription cycle. By this time, my friends had already switched to other games.

Now, six expansions and also the launch of a revived vanilla version of the sport ( World of Warcraft Classic) later, I’m back to WoW on the eve of its 16th birthday. World of Warcraft Classic is a very interesting game. Many friends around me are playing this game. This game is suitable for both boys and girls. My friends and I usually choose to buy WOW Classic Gold For Sale in the MMOWTS store, because compared to doing tasks in the game to get gold, buying WOW Classic Gold in the store is a very time-saving and labor-saving thing.

My original goal: to ignore the hype round the very-good-sounding World of Warcraft Classic, and to bring my first ever WoW character up to the extent cap on standard, retail, vanilla World of Warcraft with the Battle of Azeroth expansion, to determine if a ‘noob’ can enjoys the MMO as a beginner today.

My actual reality: I've only enough time to feed myself, not to mention devoting the time required to work out Windhymn ascend to greatness. But that doesn't mean I didn't have an honest time trying. Ah, Elwynn Forest. I remember you well, what with me being a completely basic fantasy fan with no imagination beyond “I'll make a person's character with a protracted beard. Standard.”And if you create somebody's character with a beard, Elwynn Forest is your Level 1, game-opening port of call.

Green and leafy, just how I recall it, but look closely and some things have changed. 2010’s Cataclysm event totally ripped up the sport world of Azeroth, and while Elwynn Forest remained relatively unscathed, it did get some new inhabitants – orc raiders who would never have dreamed of venturing this far into ‘Alliance’ territory after I first dipped my toes into World of Warcraft.

The above is the first problem I encountered with "World of Warcraft." It's easy to understand that this game is a re-planning of the real world. In this WOW Classic Gold game, time will always go by like the real world. There are not only 1,000 years of in-game legends that can accelerate development, but also 16 years of real-world time, and all related changes that follow. If the classic version of "World of Warcraft" is not launched, players will have to explore around the fan site, mainly to understand the changes in Azeroth over the years or to accept the story of the media.