Devin McCourty is a good starting point.

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Mathieu and Baker, Bates Mut 22 coins, Simmons, Smith, and Simmons are all worthy of being in the Top 10. The other five, on the other hand are subject to debate.

Hyde and Poyer's ratings have not yet publicized. EA has only released the ratings of certain rookies and the top ten players of certain positions.

If you compare Hyde and Poyer against some of the Top 10 safeties, it's evident why they deserve to be rated higher.

Poyer ended 2020 with 124 tackles. He also had five passes that he defended, and forced fumbles. Hyde was able to finish with 70 combined tackles and five passes defended. They're certainly similar to those of some safeties on Madden 22's Top 10.

Devin McCourty is a good starting point. McCourty had 68 total tackles in 2020, and six passes he defended. Additionally, he had two interceptions. McCourty's stats aren't much higher than Poyer and Hyde's. McCourty ought to at the very least be higher rated for Poyer as compared to McCourty. Hyde ought to be within 3.

Eddie Jackson is the next player being compared. Jackson was averaging 82 tackles in the year 2020, as well as three forced fumbles. Additionally, he had five passes protected. Hyde's numbers merit a higher score than Jackson's, and it could be argued that Hyde should receive the same rating, or perhaps one less than Jackson.

Jamal Adams will be the buy mut coins madden 22 last player to be compared. Jamal Adams was the only player to be compared to in the year 2020. He recorded 9.5 tackles and 83 total tackles. Also, he defended three passes, and forced to fumble. Adams is a formidable pass rusher , but he's not the greatest safety. Adams is a great tool to possess as a defense however, Poyer or Hyde are superior safeties than Adams and should be considered higher for the safety position in Madden 22,