Used equipment for sale at lowest price

At Alex Lyon and Son, we have huge used equipment for sale available at the lowest price. We are a reputable used heavy equipment marketplace that serves a variety of businesses. We provide you with a cost-effective way to connect with national and international markets.


Why you should look for used equipment for sale?

Whether you intend to update your production gear, lower your operations, shut a facility, or clear extra stock, you will wind up with idle equipment. One thing is certain. Despite of your case, there are many excellent reasons to sell industrial and process equipment, and the best choice may be a liquidation firm. It is sometimes more convenient to sell or just lease your chemical or industrial processing gear, production lines or whole facilities to industrial equipment retailers who apply it. Find the best used heavy equipment for sale.

Professional dealers of excess equipment enable you to rapidly sell huge volumes, alleviate your client issues, negotiate terms, store equipment, and pick up. Here are around half a dozen reasons for selling to a dealer:


Providers of reputable liquidation equipment may purchase single parts of machinery, truck loads or whole plants. Selling a dealer's industrial equipment is simple, rapid and immediately puts cash into your hands. The sale of your excess equipment recovers part of the money that you initially spent, which allows you to invest in other company sectors. Depending on the kind of goods you have to sell, their age and condition, your return may vary.


Unused surface takes up a lot of space and takes real estate that may be utilised completed products, shipments and receipts as well as manufacturing and other activities. These huge pieces of machineries are frequently loaded with cables and sleeves that offer trip risks and sharp borders that may harm employees and destroy other needed items and raw supplies. Excess inventory holding costs money in many ways.

The more things you've got, they're costing to secure against loss, theft, and damage. The longer you hang on the equipment you're not use, the higher the danger of value depreciation. Working near idle devices costs warehouse employees’ time. They must store components wherever space is available. Take control of your store or workplace by clearing the unnecessary equipment.


You can get rid of hefty maintenance expenses when you sell industrial equipment. Even though the equipment has been shut down, you still have to keep it in order to preserve its worth or to put it back into operation as a substitute or in a new or reopened facility. Work, parts, oil and other expenses for repair and maintenance are rapidly added, particularly when equipment does not earn cash at work.


The environmentally responsible task is to take care to dispose of used components. Instead, you may sell your equipment to industrial equipment distributors who can ensure that it is recycled, reprocessed and reused, thus decreasing the need for new equipment to be produced.


Liquidation services for equipment create strong commercial connections and trade partners. When you want to sell your equipment, you have connections that may pay you well. In the future, you know who to call and who to trust if you need to purchase or sell industrial equipment. You can also search for the best used equipment for sale.

  1. BENEFITS AND CREDIT Confiscates

The profit you make by selling old equipment is taxed, and this net tax advantages almost always exceed the negative ones. While your sale to a used industrial equipment dealer may be market value in many areas, it will probably be lower than book value. You may claim a deduction for the quote currency you receive and the value of the book.