Pazzi Marble & Granite

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This infographic is designed by Pazzi Marble & Granite

Specializing in high-end kitchen benchtops, unique vanities, and full-slab wall paneling, Pazzi is Victoria’s first port of call for stone artistry. Our team of experts are able to craft one-of-a-kind designs, Pazzi recognizes client visions through architectural forms, sculptures, fountains, basins, edge profiles, and more – all using unparalleled materials.” Created by stonemason and entrepreneur Amadeus Ruffilli–Schipperheyn, Pazzi Marble Granite combines age-old traditions of a highly skilled workforce with Hi-Tech digital technology and cutting edge machinery to express modern influences. Peter Schipperheyn a sculptor with 40 years of experience, trained in Carrara Italy, and Cinzia Ruffilli (nee Pazzi), is a talented mosaic artist trained in Ravenna. Together with Amadeus, they have established a business renowned for creating beautiful works in stone.


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